Active for every weapon in multiplayer...except the Gnasher?

Has anyone heard an explanation as to why they changed the Gnasher so its the only weapon that can’t get an active in multiplayer? You would think that with the strength that the lancer has now the least they could have done was leave an active reload for the most used weapon in the franchises history. Maybe I’m reaching but I can see if you miss a perfect active reload it only giving you a few shells. Other than that if you do hit a perfect reload you should get a damage boost just like every other weapon in multiplayer.

Most rifles don’t get an actual damage boost with actives now, only an increased rate of fire. In my opinion there shouldn’t be any cooldown for actives on the gnasher as it’s the only way to get a full clip back.

A lot of the forum users are already upset with the damage + range, I don’t think an active damage boost would help that.


I see. An increased fire rate for the gnasher or anything would be nice aside from just getting a full clip from a perfect active reload. The Lancer seems to down people so fast after a perfect active…an increased amount of bullets makes sense :+1:t6:.

Gnasher should be 8 shots standard with full clip reload no matter perfect or regular active reload.

A. Give us damage boost for perfect actives WITHOUT a timer. I hated losing a 1v1 because I don’t have actives while the other person does.

B. No damage boost for perfect actives with full clip regardless of perfect or regular active. NO TIMERS

Yea I think 8 shots was fine. I don’t see why they keep wanting to make the gnasher weaker.

That’s exactly why I’m glad it’s gone. It keeps things level across the battlefield and you don’t get people active spamming in gnasher battles anymore.

It’s one of the few things TC got right IMHO


I dunno, I think it would be alright if TC lowered the damage of starting weapons across the board and some power weapons .

Gears 5 lancer and gnasher damage is lower than Gears 4 core tuning, but more tweaking is always appreciated.

But why have an active period then. You might as well take it away from every weapon in multiplayer. Why make only one weapon have this function?

Thats not completely true. You can do a full reload animation to recieve a full clip. The problem not having said cool down is, what would ever be the reason to not active really? (In its curent state with no damage boost. Just if quick reloads give u 3 shots n active/perfect reloads give 6 n there was no cool down)

I just want it back at 8 bullets mostly. The cooldown seems a little pointless as well but having 8 bullets in the gnasher is definitely the priority

Faster reload for 3 shots, can be useful in a fight. Active for a full clip in between fights seems fine for me, just seems weird for it to have a cooldown when it doesn’t provide any significant boosts to the weapon itself.

One thing I dislike about the new actives for all weapons is that they changed the placement of the active for no reason. The whole incentive was to nail the perfect/active reload and be rewarded, now it just means a longer reload for the same reward…


The time difference is so minimal that it barely makes much of a difference in all honesty. U are not even a full second ahead of an active dude, just a few frames. (Yes it can help but usually not very often) I hold hold 8 speedrunning world records, trust me i understand how just frames can make a difference, but it really is not that practical of an arguement here i think.

I agree with that. If there isnt a damage boost then there shouldn’t need to be a cool down. Basically the gnasher is all out of wack for whatever reason. They tried to do too much and I’m sure they will fix this at some point.

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It’s TC dude, so my answer is: :man_shrugging:

I miss 8 shells being in the gnasher, and still getting a full clip when I miss an active reload…

Not sure I understand the discussion here, what’s the purpose of doing an active reload with the Gnasher then? I mean there is the faster reload, I get the point that there is no damage boost…in one of the loading screens during the game it said active reloads provides more stopping power on most weapons…so I guess this does not apply to the Gnasher?

Ryan said that it was changed from 8 shells down to 6, to make every shot count.

And that the reward for active is simply to last longer.

No reason for why no damage boost.

Thanks for the video. This is exactly what I was looking for. Event though I don’t agree with some of the changes, at least this gives some reasoning as to why they did certain things.

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I’ve always hated the idea that actives gave a boost to damage. I always felt that being to fight again faster was plenty. I for one am happy damage boosts are gone. That said I do not at all like six shots per clip or not being able to load a full clip.

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It’s a fix to the Gears 4 problem that TC’s new active design created.

Since you can reload any time you want as many times as you want, good players were getting actives before doing anything, and players who didn’t were at a constant damage disadvantage. There was no longer really a cooldown or a requirement to sacrifice ammo to get more damage. You couldn’t listen to someone firing their shotgun and reloading and assume they have actives anymore.

So rather than revert back to how it used to be, they kept the option to reload anytime but removed the damage and instead severely limited the ammo. It’s a move to intentionally discourage long gnasher fights, as if you don’t have an active charged, you can only reload three-at-a-time, with a shortened clip of six shots total.

And it’s a real pain in the ■■■ in Horde if you’re a Kait player. Kait would be top tier with the Gears 4 shotgun.