Active challenges dont working/traking/progressing

Hello everyone, so, as the title says, it appears that my tracker isnt working.

I searched for more info. but the only solutions that i find where specifically for PC users. My problem is whit Xbox One. I dont play any game on PC, but the rewards page for me says that i dont have made any progress whit my challenges, is not correctly tracking my progress.

Today, i tried to get the 30 kills for the Boltok skins and when i saw my progress, again, the page says i dont have made any kills whit the Boltok.

I take this screenshot a few minutes ago. I made more than the 30 kills for the Boltok skins challenge and i went to the rewards page “Gears of War” but as well as the Scion Ruby challenge, the tracker dont work.

I’m very frustrated. Some advices?

Is it tracking on the Xbox app? Looks like you do have some progress with the Ruby Scion so your tracking is working. Are you certain you played golden or social?

Mmm what Xbox App?, the PC or the iPhone one?. Yeah, I played the event, there’s no mistake.

I will try whit the xbox app for the iPhone, since I deleted it because I had some memory problems.

I try whit another account “THE COTOMOTR1X”, that I have in my console but it have the same problem.