Act2 Chapter1 - Dismissed Recruits

Dismissed troops before mission and now am undermanned for the mission with no way of getting another troop - I submitted a ticket - im not sure there is a fix

There is no fix other than restarting the chapter. There are many missions where you can’t use all your heroes and need the recruits.

You can’t restart the chapter. There is no option because it’s the beginning of a new act. This is such a stupid glitch. Why would they allow you to release recruits if you need them to progress. Makes no sense.


So you dismissed them the first chance you get? Why on earth would you do that? You have 2 units, you know the squad limit is 4 yet you dismissed the extra 2 units you just got?

Makes absolutly zero sense to me.

Actually we have 5 units, 6 including jack. Stop making excuses for a game developer that doesn’t give a crap about you. It’s a broken game design. It doesn’t let you scrap the main characters, so why would it let you scrap recruits if you need them to progress. How would the player know that on a random mission you wouldn’t be allowed to use 2 of your main characters?


i dismissed them because the troops i had were better in each class so i was hoping to get new possibly improved recruits after completing the mission - theres no reason to let the player dismiss recruits if you need them to continue.

You have the option to dismiss them because you get a lot of them. You discard low level in favor of higher ones.

But you call it a bug and blame the developer? It never occurred to me to dismiss them at early stages and I assume Splash Damage thought the same.

thats super narrow minded - they shouldnt allow you to have less troops than needed to complete a mission at any time is there are going to be missions where multiples characters arent available .
why would i want to keep some lv 2 with 230 damage when that character is unplayable unless its required like for this mission.


Have fun with that.

You should be keeping your roster filled. Doing yourself a disservice not keeping it full at all times tbh.

You can still complete the mission with 2, but it’ll be a pain.

I might be in this case but that’s simply because I believe you’re complaining because of something the developer wouldn’t even consider.

We clearly aren’t going to reach any agreement here, I just think there is no need for a change here.

If you believe a change is needed then I suggest you submit a ticket and present your case to the Devs.

ive submitted two - they clearly dont have the time to fix this extraordinarily simple flaw in the game and after seeing similar posts it doesnt seem im alone here.
Im not “blaming” anyone, but you came in and offered a solution that doesnt work and have followed it up with zero useful information.
My post is what these forums are literally for


This is a community forum. If you want official TC support then you submit a ticket, that is how it works.

i submitted a ticket and it wasnt resolved so i asked the community for help and ended up with some nancy boy stanning for developers


Ahh the internet tough guy, the fall back plan when common sense fails to work.

Good luck with your situation, hope you learn something from it.

you have provided nothing at all to this thread- im not acting tough in any way, you are just a willfully ignorant person who cannot see that people play games differently and feel some calling to stand up for some develops who dont know or care about who you are.
they made a â– â– â– â– â– â–  mistake and the fact that every post discussing this issue gets attention without an actual fix is more proof of that .
ive learned not to play games by a developer who allows simple fixes to go unpatched and have ignorant â– â– â–  fanboys like you preventing any actual solutions from coming forward.
enjoy beating it to gears pal.

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Resorting to insults as a way to “counter” an answer prove otherwise.

You asked if there is a “fix” and I told you in my first reply No, there is not. That should’ve been enough.

The game has been out for close to nine months now and if what you describe as terrible mistake was actually so bad, don’t you think it would’ve been fixed by now? What happened to you clearly happened to very few players since no action was taken, apparently not worth the trouble for a fix since many would consider there is nothing to fix.

Am I a fanboy by pointing out what the rules are and how they work? then yup, I am a fanboy then.

Dude, I seriously hope the internet is the only place you talk like that.

@forum-mods @TC_Sera , feel like moderating here?

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why are you trying to silence a legitimate concern because youre bothered people played the game differently than you?
there was no resorting to anything, pointed out that you are a stan and fanboy because you are.
calling moderators because you have a hard on for a game with a game breaking flaw is adorable.
obviously you cant help me but since these forums are the only option other than tickets which have been ignored, im here.
They should bring you on board if they havent yet, everyone loves a good pet.


Closing due to OP’s attitude attacking other users.