Act III Chapter 3

Game doesn’t load when I bring the skiff to the Airport when you’re supposed to bring the Beacon to Baird… I have finished every side mission, got my Ultimate ability for Jacks Hijacked skill… I’ve tried redoing the whole Act but even then… When I get to the Airport nothing happens i’ve been stuck there for two days please… I want to finish my game… What can I do has this been handled yet…


Nothing happens at all? After you acquire the beacon and give it to Baird the airport is suppose to come under assault. Does that not occur at all? Ive had a few bugs within Act 3 but not any with the Beacon.

Yeah I go to the Airport and nothing happens I’ve walked around the whole thing tried everything… I just about pull up JD say’s “Pull as close as you can this thing is pretty heavy” or something like that… I pull up walk around go to all the gates nothing happens… I just want to finish the game…


there is a bug also if you get the beacons first and play act 3 it bugs out and you have to get the beacons again but you get locked in the training faucilty becuase you cannot progress into the building or leave i lost all my act 3 missions becuase i had to restart it and dont want to redo everything


I’ll be honest Im not sure as I never experienced that bug before. Most of Act 3 went without a hitch for me. Maybe reload a save again and see if that works? Or submit a support ticket. Sorry I can’t be of much help, most bugs ive encountered were the consent saving checkpoint (which apparently they just patched as of a hour ago) and a bug where the NPCs don’t spawn. Definitely try restoring a checkpoint or… worse case re-do act 3.

Dang that sucks… I’ve redone all of ACT 3 thinking this would fix it redid all the side missions and all but once i get the beacon and lower the bridge and start Chapter 3 I head up to the abandoned airport get off the skiff and nothing happens I’ve seen a few videos of stuff that’s supposed to happen but it’s not loading up for me…

I’m having the same issue!

I’m sorry… Let me know if you figure out what to do I’ll do the same…

Same here :frowning:

I experienced the exact same glitch, but managed to fix it.
I also completed everything, but was stuck outside the airport. Somehow this happens, because the game hasn’t registered that you have already collected the beacon from the training facility, so it wants you to go back there. When you get back to facility however, you’ll get locked in there and cannot proceed, just like @bam444 described. But what you do from here, is that you go back to the menu/lobby. You start the campaign but with co-op splitscreen, making the other player control Jack. When you start the campaign like this, you should start outside the training facility, which you can now complete (again), collect the beacon and get to the airport. When I did this, it worked and I had all my Jack upgrades and components like before and had completed the other main missions. But the side/scavenger missions were however not registered as completed, but this doesn’t matter as you should still have all your Jack upgrades and components. This worked for me, and I got into the airport and got to complete the chapter. So give it a try guys, hope it helps like it did to me.


I’m having the EXACT same issue. Can’t finish the level. Played it 3 times. When I bring the beacon back, the door never opens. The script never driggers. I’ve watched YouTube videos to make sure I was in the right place. Funny thing is in the video right where you bring the beacon back there are crates there with weapons on them. When I get there no guns . Tried it on PC and I plan on trying the level on Xbox one x later today. This has really derailled me. This game came out and completely took me away from control. But after this save breaking bug I might just go back to Control and not finish gears. I hope they fix this fast

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I tried your fix but it doesn’t work for me.
At the same spot. started a Co-Op session OK but I can’t get through the stage.
Can’t get Jack into any of the tunnels he needs to get to in order to progress the story. They all stuck in the main room. Jack can only hover below the tunnel: don’t know how else to proceed and now my save is stuck at that place again. Tried to get the @CoalitionGears on twitter to even acknowledge this is a problem; Silence.

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Yep… I’m experiencing the same issue. I guess I’ll move on to multi until a fix is patched in. Im not really interested in starting from the beginning.

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Indeed it is a pain…

I also have the Abandoned Airport area bugged. Gate is locked and I have the Beacon. YouTube clearly shows it opening but not in my game.

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Same issue for me. Everything complete but doesnt trigger when I get to the airport. Anyone know if theres a patch to correct this ?


Here to report this is still happening. We need a damn patch, now! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Happening to me too!! So Frustrating!!!

I JUST got to the end of Act 3 Chapter 3 and noticed something was off when they said I had to go get the beacons (which I have already done), I thought “oh well” and went back to the airport only to realize I can’t get in the airport. Came here to find out that I’m screwed.


Well, uninstalling the game now. Not going to replay an entire act just because these people can’t make a damn video game. Looks like Gears 5 is just more of the same ■■■■■■ game it’s always been.

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Has this seriously still not been fixed? Compared to some of the issues Gears has faced in the past, I can’t imagine this being all that hard to correct. Seems to me like they just don’t care. Jokes on me for having high hopes for Gears 5. Some things never change.

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