Act III - Assembly required - bugs galore but a few have stopped me progressing

I appear to be stuck on Act III with various encountered issues - The water tower was not completing for me when rescuing from the small room, I noticed there was no collectables in there like the videos show (paper and dropped item). From suggestions I have read I started a new Save Game and started on Act III and then it finally completed when I entered the room and saved the woman thing but no collectables still. I moved onto the Ruins and got myself killed and now when I restart current check point I only see my character spawn out of bounds and after a few seconds I am killed. I don’t want to start the whole chapter again as I’ve done this already when I had the Skiff bug :anguished:

anyone have any ideas how to get passed these issues?

I’m about to add this one to my current list of bugs for campaign. I mean it’s already on there but I’m linking this to mine

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OK thanks. It seems when the nomad hands me the small blue object it prevents the mission from completing. I reset and tried the water tower which completed then the nomad at the Harbor Docks handed me the object there instead of the water tower which it did previously, the water pump then failed to complete. So this jack upgrade item is preventing the mission from completing. I’ve read this is a known bug which apparently got fixed, but seems not

Ahh that’s even more detail. I haven’t gone through to Act 3, so I didn’t even know there was both a pump and a tower

my bad, i meant Harbor docks not water pump.

Still, I’ve linked this topic. I’ll probably send in tbe topic to the official gears support at somepoint, just to get all of them out of the way. I’m mostly focusing on Campaign Bugs too, which seem to be the least talked about bugs here.

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