Act 5 Chapter 4 Release Inconcievable

Okay, This is borderline ridiculous.

I have made to the end solo and coop. The fin mechs do not move fast enough and there is no place to hid the inconceivable guy.

I placed the causal guy in front of inconceivable and was able one time to get two tentacles. but if i do not line up perfect and no real time to do so i die. I mean really one hit and mech is gone!

any ideas?

If I remember correctly you get a warning of what side the attack is gonna come from. Just run to the opposite side and you should be fine

I did not see or hear that i try and look for that. the freak mechs move so slow.

Wait …Are you trying to play split screen by yourself with 2 controllers?

I think you can see something in the floor move. I dont remember exactly what it is but theres some kind of tell. I do remember using the side jump to get away easier

It is a matter of timing for avoiding the tentacles shooting, as well as the leg swipes. Don’t forget to use the Raven to your advantage - you really need it to bring the tentacles down before you get destroyed. It didn’t take me many tries to beat the thing. Plus, by observing the beast, which tentacles light up or which leg it moves, you can tell where the attack is coming from, which should make it easier to avoid them. Other than shooting down the things it fires, you just need to figure out the timing for evading. Running won’t work.


Yes it has been successful all but this chapter. I even made it past the motorcycle and bouncer pits.


So if the left tentacles are glowing then i need not worry about the right?

also do you think if i get another person to work the casual it will be easier to bring down tentacle with use both firing.

The glowing tentacles are the ones that fire, yes. So dodge in the other direction, towards the ones which are not glowing.

And it can work with another person - however I have tried with a controller on Hardcore being idle at most. I don’t think it can work on Inconceivable unless you basically use the player on Casual as a shield. I have only ever done Inconceivable and Insane solo.


I have done both with second controller except this chapter. if play the causal controller and try and shield the inconceivable its hard to line back up after you stable the tentacles. If i hidden behind the cause and shout the inconceivable its to hard.

do you think the tentacles on the right can hit you on the left or do they just shoot the right side?

I’m pretty sure the quills shot by the tentacles can hit you anywhere. They are effectively like those of a Pouncer only more massive and the tentacles seem to be able to rotate independently from the main body, to some degree at least. It’s been over a year since I’ve done that fight though so I don’t remember exactly how far to each side the tentacles can shoot.

Well git it done last night split screen local two controllers one on Inconceivable and the other on causal.

Couple of tips for anyone reading this.

  1. On the 1st part say check point one. Run the inconceivable guy to the very back and use causal to pick of the the fly heat pods. should be easy.

  2. Okay this is second check point and the hardest. run the Inconvenience to the way back again you take a small hit. grab the causal controller quick and use the rockets and saw on the 2 left tentacles. Once the 1st goes down stable then hit the b button and two jumps back seal the hole with rockets. Now here is what made the difference. Right after before the tentacles extend target the tentacles with rockets so when it extends the rockets hit it right away and shoot saw blades at it the same time. You will one get one small hit on the inconceivable guy, but tentacle will drop fast. double rocket if you can. repeat this on the last two.

  3. last check point. move the casual guy back a bit and use the inconceivable guy for the chopper blades. just make sure they are full rotating when the heat pods get you you. this is now just patients as you move up to chop the legs.

I am now on to hardcore Iron man…

Get ready to fail right away in the prologue during the UIR battle following the cut scene that comes after the manned turret sequence and just before that final sprint that leads to the COG death cut scene.

A pre-programmed mortar explosion will kill one of you before you even gain control of your character (unless they finally patched that sh*t).

I watch for that. it did not happen on hardcore , insane or inconceivable coop.