Act 3 components not spawning. Nice

So, yeah.

NONE of the components in Paduk’s side missions are spawning. In fact, when we go up to the fuse box looking things, they’re already open and nothing is inside. Currently sitting at 115/152 components and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Oh, and another thing? We can’t even finish the final side mission when you pick up Jack’s upgrade because the game won’t let us pick it up. What the ■■■■ is going on in the game? Lolololol

How the f*ck is this still an issue when people were posting about it AT LAUNCH?!

not quite a fix - but you are better of doing the side missions when you first lauch the skiff in the open world area. Granted you would be able to get to the crashed condor area as the bridge is still down but this seems a more relieable way of getting the components ive found.

Also regarding picking up Jacks upgrade ability…do you already have it from another play through on the saved data file? that is what happened to me.