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ACT-3 CHPTR-6 Origins on INSANE

(hotbeatz85) #21

I did this about 2 months ago it was a pain in the butt I used grenades to speed up damage done to it and then running around shooting the belly for a bit. Insane is really tough especially solo tho at least that is how I did it. When you see the snatcher get someone throw a grenade underneath it’s belly

(Chaotik Element) #22

I got an easy solution. Could’ve just used the Memento Mori. But would have needed to start from Act 3- Chapter 2 -Night Terrors :slight_smile: You could kill all bosses in 1 shot :stuck_out_tongue:

(Noble Guardian) #23

In xbox only, there is an easy way to overcome resetting progression in campaign-Ironman, in case of player’s death, refer to trueachivements for more details…


(RedDoog888) #24

I have a saved version of this so what your saying is the boltok does on shot boos kills on insane?

(Chaotik Element) #25

One shots anything on any difficulty,

(RedDoog888) #26

I read that. it seemed not that easy…

also i think you could play hardcore solo. then stop the game just before the chapter ends and add the casual co-op player and get co-op hardcore credit.

there are some places when even using the second controller on causal is a pain.

The pouncer pits for one.
The motorcycles and vulture
believe or not the get out part when the ride the cables back up tot he surface.
the final boss is going to suck cause the is no place to hide the insane robot.

(mizzelphug) #27

The motorcycle and lightning bits are the worst parts of the whole game no matter which difficulty you are on.

Gears just needs to stop doing vehicle sequences. They have been bad in every single game; not just Gears4. I get that they were put in to add variety to the gameplay but they never work as intended.

(RedDoog888) #28


Its a tough section. I did it on insane after dying a 100 times and another 100 on the vulture. this is what is keeping me from trying hard core Iron man co-op or single for the campaign achievement.

It would be hard breaking to die go all the way back just to get there and die again,

(mizzelphug) #29

I did the dash and delete method probably 50 times in row due to the motorcycle section just past the canyon jump.

Seemed no matter what I did, the bombing runs would blow me up:
Steer to the opposite side of the road away from the fire and I instantly explode.
Drive down one side, explode.
Dodge early, explode.
Dodge late, explode.
Drive down the middle, explode.

Finally made it through by doing absolutely no steering AND no firing.
Just sat the controller down and let my co-op player take care of everything.
Otherwise it seems to be random to when it kills you.

After that it was a breeze when it came to shooting the guns off the plane.

(RedDoog888) #30

so wait you sat the hardcore controller down and used the causal controller to steer?

(mizzelphug) #31

No. A friend of mine did all the shooting and driving from his end. I had basically given up all hope of ever getting through the section, literally just sat there waiting to reset the game again and I miraculously didn’t die after repeatedly failing to get through the section so many times.

(RedDoog888) #32


can you select chapters and play them Iron-man like hard ones 1st then go do the easy ones or do you have to started at the beginning?