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ACT-3 CHPTR-6 Origins on INSANE

(RedDoog888) #1


Working on achievement on insane. I am at the SNATCHER PIT. I need some help. I found all the weapons on the ceiling and have those, but it appears the snatcher only comes down when some one is down and then scoops them up and goes back up. game over. shooting his belly will not release the person, so this is endless.

Is this bug?

He needs to stay down in the pit or i can never get past,

(Noble Guardian) #2

Hey mate,

Have you tried Boltok? Nothing beats boltok in that stage.,. Also headshot using dropshot is good for critical damage afterward.


(RedDoog888) #3

thanks yes i tried both it does not seem to drop the person and stay in the pit. he jumps down grabs them turns and goes back up.
very frustrating.

(Noble Guardian) #4

Hmmm…Last call,

The trick is to down most of the pods for slowing it down, and use active reload lancer to kill that ****. :smiley: Unless you refer to the first down, then try to be the victim and see if you skips that by your teammates assist…

Hope you get through it, best of luck!


(RedDoog888) #5

thanks i try that.

(Mrs Patinka) #6

i had the same problem on hardcore-ironman. yes its a bug and he is immortal. reloading last chapter useless.

(Noble Guardian) #7

I don’t know about that as I completed Campaign three times, Inconceivable, Insane, and Co-Op hardcore alone using two controllers…


(RedDoog888) #8

I am using two controllers where i can. in the pit is hard cause i can not hide the insane guy.


I cower before your awesomeness…

(Noble Guardian) #10

Have you tried playing the second account with casual difficulty?

@DAVID_THE_CLOWN Cheers buddy :))))


(RedDoog888) #11

yes i am doing that now works really well on parts bad on others i used it on museum and just stood in-front of the insane charter and protected him from Juvies.

But in pouncer pits and this snatcher pit its to hard. you have to stick and move to much.

I might ask my friend to play casual on this act to just get by it.

(Mrs Patinka) #12

Same here. I completed the campaign on normal, insane and inconceivable. And only on hardcore-ironman it happened once that the snatcher got bugged. He didnt care dropshots and all available ammo. Im not saying its about the difficulty, because on my 2nd attempt on hardcore-ironman everything worked well.

(RedDoog888) #13

Got is done last night. I reloaded the chapter. when i got to snatcher i was using second controller. I ran my insane guy over the the left of the snatcher and placed him in the rocks.

I kept the focuses on the casual guy and snatcher never looked at Insane guy. He pick up Del and dropped him when i hit the belly. then hi pick up and drop casual player. after that we got him.

If insane is so hard and you die easy and do not deal out additional damage, i can not imagine how any one could do inconceivable without second casual controller.

(Mrs Patinka) #14

Nice that it worked for you after reloading chapter. I had still the problem that the snatcher didnt want to jump down.

The difference between insane and inconceivable isnt so big as between hardcore and insane.

(Stoic Slab) #15

If you can manage Insane, then Inconceivable isn’t too bad. The main difference is that you have less health - but the same applies for enemies so they’ll go down faster.

It’s been a while, but the part that gave me the most trouble was the Vulture fight. For some reason it felt like it could absorb more damage than it should in this mode.

(RedDoog888) #16


Question on Iron-man does it take you back to the chapter , act or the beginning?

Does co-op count if once controller is Hardcore and the other casual?

(Stoic Slab) #17

Dying in Iron-man resets your progress completely. Meaning, you have to start the campaign from the beginning again.

(RedDoog888) #18


If i do legends Sera with a causal controller will i get both that and pumping Iron?

(Mrs Patinka) #19

if you or your teammate die or even the bot dies, you can reload the last checkpoint and carry on without ironman ,

So i restarted hardcore-ironman from the beginning 4 times already :sweat_smile:

Tbh , no idea about 2 different difficulties in co-op for ironman. My mate and me are playing both on hardcore for it.

Edit: Even if my mate would play on casual here, it wouldnt make it really easier, cause the most difficult parts are where you cant just go down and get picked up ,when you fail, so you are instant dead. (Vulture fight, Lightning storm)

(Stoic Slab) #20

You can get it with one player on Hardcore and the other taking point on Casual. I don’t know how playing solo with 2 controllers will affect it, but I would presume it works just as well.