Act 3 chapter 5


ah, a certain character has joined my party…I see what’s happening here

Let me guess… “My name is ‘You’re gonna help me kill Ukkon’”? No, I ain’t saying anything further for those who don’t know.

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hey you got it! I didn’t want to ruin the story for anyone not there yet but I thought this is a strange turn events!

I already played it and more or less know when you run into that character. Didn’t intend to spoil it myself either so unless someone’s watched the cutscenes or read things about the game before playing it my hint won’t tell much, if anything.

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yeah I thought it was clever, good one :+1:

although this makes me worried about our main protagonist as we don’t see them in future gears games now that I think about it :thinking:

i’m gonna try and beat the rest tonight.

Have fun with that final boss. Came a bit as a surprise what it turned out to be… and I spent a good few hours on my first playthrough on Beginner fighting it.

And at least Gabe survives. You’ll know that if you read at least one of the two tie-in books to Gears 5.

actually I only just started reading aspho fields…I’m in the middle of the book chapter 13 I think?

Read Ascendance and Bloodlines for info on Gabe. The latter especially has a lot of it.

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wonder if there is a gears of war book club on here :thinking:

None I’m aware of.

maybe we should start one :smiley: