Act 3, Chapter 4 Game Breaking Glitch

Ok, I’m playing co-op through the campaign and we beat the boss at the end, and had to run to escape. It spawns my co-op partner too far away to be able to make it through the escape. I’m able to make it, but since he died, it starts the cutscene but tells us he died and that we have to reload. The audio for the cutscene plays, but when we load the checkpoint, we are surrounded in white background just floating, If I reload the previous checkpoint the boss doesn’t fight us, nor can we escape. So the only option is restart the entire chapter (sacrificing my Overkill Relic :/). Then the same exact thing happened a second time!! This is ridiculous, Anybody know a workaround? This needs to be fixed. It’s totally broken. By the way, the first time the game crashed for my friend after we reloaded checkpoints a few times.

Several reported issues with co-op, even more with Jack in 3 player co-op. I would suggest each of you doing that part alone and then resume in co-op.

Not the idea I know but I doubt we see any bug fixing until the big update coming in two weeks.