Act 3 chapter 3 jack final cloak upgrade glitch

Playing this trash game on insane… did 3 water side quests and dude put the last cloak upgrade on the table. Check ed some videos where players easily able to get it, just had to press X.

Now I can’t pick up, “X” doesn’t appear on my screen. Tried everything, exit, reload, restart game, nothing. Guess TC don’t even read this post and fix this issue.

Anybody has idea except that restart the mission?

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How the hell is this still a bug?

It’s been 9 months since this game was released and this STILL hasn’t been fixed!

I have the exact same problem - cannot pick up the last Cloak upgrade no matter how many times I replay the chapter or the Act.

Absolutely pathetic.

Meanwhile The Coalition is focusing on donating money to terrorist organizations. Fantastic.

as of 2022 it is still a bug. ■■■■ the coalition.