Act 3 Chapter 2 level (Insane) is impossible

I’m playing through insanity difficulty and there is one side mission (a wasteland control) that is literally impossible to beat. It’s the one where you are only allowed a max of 2 units, and have to take 2 supply sites. You do get 30% overwatch damage bonus, however.

The difficulty here is it’s impossible to hold both locations with just 2 units. The enemy will swarm either location and you’re spread too thin. 2 units isn’t enough to keep zones blue and deal enough damage to keep the enemy at bay. Not to mention trying to take down a boomer part way into it. Maybe 3 units might make it more doable?

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I tried it once. Never again.

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I remember that one, simply impossible.if the boomer didn’t send me to hell and back, the theron and his gang sure did on the other side. Funny thing is the other side missions compared to that one were waaaay too easy.

Thought it was a bug but it appears it’s not.

Now if I could only finish the final boss fight without the max HP glitch happening every single time (max HP for your units is whatever they had before the checkpoint, meaning they can end up with 1 HP with no way to heal them since the game thinks they already are at full HP).

I tried this one once on Intermediate. I had to repeat it so often because I ended up with impossible situations and effectively had to rely on RNG with where the enemies spawned/deployed and how they moved around. Certainly didn’t have a chance of killing 7+ enemies with Overwatch fire for the Legendary equipment piece. Just wasn’t gonna happen. Definitely not going to repeat that one again. It’s almost as if not just as bad as that stupid Scavenger run where your units are restricted to 2 AP while the game conveniently puts enemies that charge into close range and attack if you get too close in your way all the time.

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I managed to beat that one on insane, but not the 2 unit control mission.

This reminds of playing insane on gears 4 campaign on Act 3.The chapter was called Do not Go Gentle and there was this one part which took me so much patience to beat.I kept track of how many times I died after an hour of dying in it numbered up 146 deaths but it’s obviously way more than that considering the hour before of me not keeping track.I don’t know why but every enemy just went full on Rambo mode and the worst part was that Kait and Del didn’t do anything to help except die when I started to actually make progress.I beat it 2 weeks later of constant dying when I finally played it with one of my buddies and we beat it after another couple hours.You could say I suck and you’d probably be right,but at the same time on that part of the campaign the swarm had never been more aggressive for me.

And yes Act 3 Chapter 2 is impossible.Ive also been redoing that for hours but I’ve given up completely at this point.

Glad I’m not the only one suffering. I can probably get past this side missions if I skip it (and beat the other 3 of 4), but that legendary equip piece is calling my name!

Not looking to play the scavenger run one again. I did that on intermediate the first time through and found it annoying.

Funny though, the two bosses so far have been actually easy on insane.

You can actually get the legendary equipment case without winning the mission as i did…

Go in with 2 “defender” heavy… Kill your 8 units jn overwatch and then retreat letting the enemy destroy supply.

You will lose the main mission but get the reward for optional quest.
Killing 8 wrath in overwatch is easy enough

As for the scavenger run… They are boring, but are the most rewarding in term of equipment: up to 7 cases per mission if you collect all them and fulfill the optional quest…


It is not impossible. You need two Heavies based on Overwatch skills and survivabillity while in cover. Don’t use too many APs during your turn but keep them for Overwatch, that’s how you stop the enemies from walking up to you. It is difficult yes, but definitely doable.

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Thanks for the tip! That’s what I did. Just had Sid and a heavy camp on one of the control points, reload and overwatch. Got my 8 kill, failed the mission, but got the legendary reward

Another thank you for the tip. It worked for me too. It took me about 4-5 tries, but I finally got the 7 kills without dying and got the legendary reward.

Unfortunately, the RNG was cruel and it was a sniper weapon mod with +80 damage, - 2 ammo. I hate those. I get +80 damage but I have to reload after every shot? No thanks.

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I know its 2021 but I just picked up this game. I was able to complete the mission after 4 attempts. The strategy I took was 1 support, 1 vanguard. I had jack go to one of the holding points and sent the other two gears to the second holding point. Although I was not able to get any points for holding the position after the 2nd turn with Jack’s holding point I continued to use his cloak skill every turn which effectively prevented the enemy from holding the position. Having the other two gears on the same holding point made things much more manageable. After killing the first boomer and/or thearon guard I would have one gear run out to get the weapon while the other remained at the holding point. Healing where necessary. After the first holding point is finished I sent the two gears to join jack where all 3 were able to clear out and hold the second point. I did not get the optional reward but if you’re just looking to pass the mission this may help.

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Achievement tracking on the game is bugged atm so I would advise you to refrain from playing it at this point in time. Hopefully once it is fixed you can get back to it

I did it with a Defender and a Commando (no jack campaign).

Play co op. One on insane the other beginner. And vice versa for the other player

Could be wrong but I’m pretty sure Tactics is a strictly single player only game with no multiplayer function nor support, unless someone made a mod for it on PC. Which I’m not even sure if TC supports it for that game.

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I think they just didn’t read the thread properly and assumed it was about GOW5.

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For this control mission, you definitely need to have a heavy and the right skills for both sniper and heavy…

You have to have suppressing fire on the heavy as well as concussive shot on the sniper. You need to paralyze the boomer that shows up at the start else he will instantly wipe out your units.

If you manage to suppress the boomer to prevent him from moving have the sniper unload shots on him with chain shot to add more AP and with crit damage, she can kill the boomer pretty quickly. Once he is out of the way, then its a matter of holding down the rings and keeping enemies at bay. Having a scout with short nade cooldown also helps a lot.

Yeah, I didn’t see gow tactics underneath. My bad

Yup, this is the strategy I used. Also, Jack was able to pick up 3 points from that position by himself for me. I dropped a shock capsule in front of one of the access points where they were coming from which gave him time to pick up the extra points.

Edit. I used 2 heavies.