Act 2 of campaign is just glorious

I could confidently say all of act 2 of the gears 5 campaign with Nile’s lab is the best act in any gears game. Maybe overall not the best gears story but act 2 is so darn good. To the location, graphics, story, cutscenes it’s just jaw dropping. This is gears story I want to keep seeing and playing. Just sad we never got a multiplayer map in this location. Tragic….


Definitely some of the best gears content weve received from a lore perspective, I almost cried just walking back into new hope and hearing the theme come back. Marcus reminiscing about it, and just seeing nature take over the facility.

I also love all of the Hollow storm references throughout the map, Coles letter, Tais earring, Valeras little brother, etc. I think we only needed act 2 for a taste of an open world gears game, act 3 definitely ruined that.

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I really liked that part of the Gears 5 campaign. Act 2 and 4 are very good. For me though, nothing beats Gears 2’s campaign. Theres never a dull moment in that game and it has so many setpieces. The Assault on the Locust, driving the Centaur to Kadar, New Hope, making our way to Nexus and eventually finding the Queen’s Palace, escaping on a Reaver and using it to land at Jacinto then defending Jacinto before sinking it with the Lambent Brumak.

It makes me wonder just how beautiful Gears 2 would be if TC did a remaster of the campaign.


For me, actual Locust drones jumping out of those tanks is the biggest surprise.
It’s also good to see the return of sires and “berserker”(Matriarch).

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The linear parts of act 2 that take place in the lab are fine, but overall, acts 2 and 3 of the Gears 5 campaign are the worst in the series. Acts 1 and 4 are much better overall.

God, I hope Gears 6 drops the open world chicanery and goes back to proper campaign design.

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It’s easily the best part of the Campaign. Act IV is great thanks to Old Ephyra but I’d agree with Act II due to the absolutely nostalgia of New Hope and information on the Queen/Locust.

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I would agree gears 2 campaign is best followed by gears 5 for me.

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