Act 2 Chapter 7, get rid of the gazebo by the water, ticker hiding spot

I’ve been replaying this chapter over and over because I’ve failed the mission over and over. I’m playing on the hardest mode and these tickers are using the building with steps as a line of sight hiding spot. It’s fine that they use the cyclindrical tower next to it but that building is too much of a problem. And some tickers are moving away from me, why is that. I see some tickers that are far away. In a few turns they’ll still be there to contend with when reinforcements come.

Can you not flush them out with frags or other explosives? That’s what I usually do when the pests hide behind something and refuse to come out, because apparently they’re not stupid beasts supposed to charge out and suicide explode in the face of something…

Yeah, for some reason the AI actually prioritizes Tickers over Drones in Tactics.

It makes sense from a difficulty perspective (sacrifice weak drones into an Overwatch cone, then send the ticker to deal massive damage). But it doesn’t fit the lore, i.e. the established behavior of tickers from other games.

Tickers sometimes displayed self-preservation in other Gears games. But the tickers in Tactics are smarter than the drones.

…I just realized that Grenadiers never take cover in Tactics. But Kantus do. They both should.

I still didn’t try the hardest difficulty but maybe you can trap them, if there only tickets left then just put one guy does matter and try to lure them in the overwatch from on of you gears

One* of you gears