Act 2 chapter 4 Great Escape


Does anyone have any ideas on how to do inconceivable on one controller and the other on causal on the second controller as a local guest with just one person?

I read that you can switch to Del on the causal and just put the inconceivable JD controller down and drive Del bike.

Having played Inconceivable solo… I doubt that this would work on any part without dodging things with JD, but you can have one character on Inconceivable and the other on Casual but for that bike ride you’re much better off just using a single controller because you have to evade enemies, obstacles and bombs or JD will die. However this trick does work on Hardcore, where you can effectively leave JD idle during certain sections of the ride and shoot with the second controller.

But if you manage to somehow keep JD alive against the Vulture on Inconceivable during the last section of the ride there’s nothing going against using the second controller to shoot it up. But like I said, I don’t think that it is possible on Incon because JD will just die too easily to be left uncontrolled.

Even if the casual difficulty bike is left alone it will take too much damage from crashing to survive certain areas even on hardcore difficulty. I’ve tried it myself. At the very least you’ll need to use your toes to move the casual player bike or something, but then it gets hard to focus. Maybe I’m just bad at coordinating on two screens!

Just get a friend or use LFG to find someone. This section is brief so won’t take long.

I just brute forced it and played again and again until I beat it. I feel that’s the Dark Souls training though…

Yeah to your point the achievement is solo and you get the inconceivable achievement as well, so really no benefit in the second controller on this part. I did it solo on insane and was about to shoot my self.

Also guys i red that if you pick up the tomatoes as casual and get to the grave yard switch to insane so you can get the boltok it one shot kills boss. but does the Boltok stay with you if you stop and start the game or switch levels?