Act 2 chapter 1

So I just completed the full campaign on experienced for the first time, and I didn’t get the complete campaign on any difficulty achievement. I went back and looked, apparently act 2 chap 1 I didn’t complete. I know I did it, but I figured whatever no big deal, I’ll knock it out again real quick on beginner. Just completed it again, still no achievement and when I hover over act 2 chapter 1 where it says “highest difficulty completed”, it’s still blank. Has this happened to anyone else or know a way to resolve it?


This happened to me. I finished the game on Insane and expected to get both campaign achievements but got neither. My campaign stats also showed Act 2 wasn’t complete but I think it was chapter 4 for me although I can’t be 100% sure. I’d also missed a couple of relic weapons so needed to go back to Act 2 anyway, but as I recall the achievements unlocked when I completed the missing chapter (again), I didn’t need to do anything else.

Hmm weird. I’d hate to finish the whole thing on insane and not get the credit for it.