Achievements stuck

Some of the achievements are not progressing I’m stuck on my hundred thousand kills achievement and a couple other ones

Progress for the Vs tracking achievements has been problematic for a while. I’d usually get an update when starting the game on PC or in the cloud with Game Pass, since something about getting a save synced appears to help trigger a progress update. But I haven’t gotten a progress bump for Absolute Carnage in a month and a half and Covering Fire and Nothin’ But Bits haven’t updated in 2 months, even though I’m nearing 1,500 kills since the last update.

There’s a method outlined in the thread below that involves switching accounts in the game menus. I haven’t tried it before, but since I should’ve had some progress lately, I’m going to try it now. Hopefully one of the methods works for you.

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Best of luck, I hope it works :crossed_fingers:.