Achievements stopped tracking and popping

Just checked your achievements… your Seriously Jacked should be at 70% since you have 7/10 Jacked mode achievements done but its stuck at 20%.

I hope it does catch up but yeah I wonder when the tracking broke. Hopefully it is retroactively fixed when the tracking issue is addressed.

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Kinda weird how Gears Tactics and Gears 5 achievements simultaneously broke.


Has there been any acknowledgement from TC on these issues?

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Their ex community manager acknowledged it in this thread. I’ve also seen on Twitter that The Coalition has acknowledged (in Gears 5) that leaderboards and post match results aren’t updating, I’m assuming the two issues are related given they both happened around the same time.


I wondered why Cole didn’t shown up in Act 1 too! I have activated the code when I started playing.

I can too confirm that my ‘Grubpocalypse’, ‘Immortal’, and ‘I could do this all day’ have begun to track again. All my would-be progress for said achievements since the glitched tracking was NOT counted, which is disappointing. But even more irritating, ‘Seriously Jacked!’ still shows 90% completion, even though I have already unlocked all 10/10 jack-specfic achievements. I have no idea how to unlock this now, I’m gonna need help from TC and/or Microsoft. @TC_Shauny

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I read on that there was an issue with seriously tactical not popping in the base game. The work around was to start a new save and play through the tutorial and first few missions, or load up an old save if you have more than one. Hopefully this works. If not I’d try unlocking one of the achievement requirements again, rescue both torture pods with JACK maybe or give all 4 units the the jacked status effect at the same time.

Here’s a link to the seriously tactical workaround.

Good luck.

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This only happens if Grubpocalypse is the last achievement left to unlock for Seriously. I had to just start a new campaign save on classic and play through the first 2 missions and it popped for me.

Ofc I finished the whole game way back in Jan so achievement tracking wasnt broken then.

Is everyone still tracking? I’m getting no progress towards grubpocalypse

All I had to do was load my old save and re-equip all the supreme gear, which was the last one I completed, After that, “Seriously Jacked!” popped for me. I can also reconfirm that all my remaining chievos have continued to track again. Good luck!


Mine have also started tracking again and few days ago.


Mine are now tracking too.


Ditto - mine are tracking again and I unlocked the Immortal achievement (complete 100 missions without anyone dying or going DBNO).

Thr annoying thing is it didn’t retro-actively count some tasks like the mind control achievement; and Zed’s Dead one (kill each Deviant enemy). It only started tracking later on so I had to redo them, and as the tracking started after I finished my 2nd playthrough I missed the Deviant Kantus (which I had killed and mind jacked, but obviously due to this issue it didn’t count it). I’m gonna have to do these two again on my Insane mode game instead. Apparently Deviant Kantus are super rare - they appear in 1 or 2 of the missions in the main game and they may not appear in Veteran missions at all. Even after 25+ Veteran missions in the post-game, I’ve not come across it so gave up on that file.


Don’t worry about Deviant Kantus. It appeared to me in the first Chapters in Act 3 and even one of the side mission. You must be able kill it before Chapter 4.

I know. However:

So unless they appear in the post-game Veteran missions (which I’ve not had any luck in, I can’t go back to act 3.

I have a guide up on TA for the hijacks so that should help you.

So… I have now completed all 10 of the JACK mode achievements, but my “Seriously Jacked” achievement is on 90%. Not really sure what to do at this stage really. I’ve lodged a ticket with TC so hopefully they can sort this out.

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One of the achievements probably wasn’t counted because you completed it during the glitched chievo stage. For me, I was lucky because all I had to do was re-equip my supreme gear. For you, it could be any of them. Do you remember doing a particular one when the chievos were glitched? It could be hijacking one of the enemies or something like that. I would unfortunately recommend trying to complete all 10 again, starting with ones you might suspect you originally completed when the glitched chievo situation was happening.

I killed probably 3k locusts that didn’t count toward grubpocalypse because I was playing when the chievos were glitched. So I feel your pain.

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That crossed my mind. Looking at the dates of my posts in this thread and the dates I unlocked some of the achievements, I reckon it’s either the JACK and the Beanstalk one (which would be a pain in the ■■■■ to redo again), but I think it’s unlikely seeing as the achievements were fixed by the time I started doing my 2nd JACK mode run on Insane difficulty and I’m 98% certain that I had completed the Brumak fight without JACK taking any damage, so if it was this then I would probably have unlocked this then anyway.

The other one, is the Suit Up achievement. I’ll give it a try tomorrow on that old save file. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll eventually unlock some more Supreme mods once I get to the post-game missions on my current playthrough eventually (currently approaching the end of Act 2).

That said, the other achievements aren’t particularly hard anyway. I can rule out the “complete a mission with JACK” one as I’ve cleared many missions since then. I’m certain that on my current playthrough I’ve used JACK to release both prisoners from torture pods; and also the one you use JACK while cloaked to hold a supply point. The other ones are a simple case of stacking Wingman multiple times on the same unit; or the JACKED ability on all 4 units.

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll let you know how I get on.


@MetalDrummer23 It turned out to be the “one for all” achievement (use Wingman on all four team mates on the same turn) that needed to be redone. Thanks for the tip, “seriously jacked” just unlocked!