Achievements not unlocking Relic Wpns Achievement Plz Help

You need a relic pistol as well. Snub, Boltok and Talon have relics.

Would also help if the OP actually wrote what they needed help with, rather than expect us to work out from a screenshot what was wrong. I mean, THEY’RE the one asking for a favour…


All 3 Relic Wpns equipped nothing???

Neither of the players in that screenshot have 3 relic weapons at the same time. Both players only have 2 relic weapons. The kait has an esports Boltok and the Del has what looks like a Gearsmas Boltok maybe ?

The player wanting the achievement needs all 3 weapon slots to be occupied with a relic weapon.

The Del’s Boltok kinda looks like the Relic Boltok to me. But it’s impossible to tell if it’s just the base Boltok with the Relic weapon skin or the actual Relic pistol.

The other player, who I assume to be the OP, isn’t, though.

Looks like Gearsmas to me on the Del’s boltok. Im colorblind though so I could be very wrong.

Del’s Boltok has the same silver and brown colors/detailing as the other two Relic weapons. But the skin and Relic weapon are the exact same so unless that other player came here to mention whether they were using the regular with a skin or Relic Boltok(or mistook one for the other)…

Either way, it’s definitely not a Gearsmas weapon. No idea what the Kait player has as weapon skin but he’s definitely not holding the Relic Boltok.

Look again Del has all 3 Relic Wpns.That is a relic boltok

Oh okay. the screenshot is kinda dark and i couldn’t really see. That player should have the achievement then, find a different pistol and have your friend switch his Relic boltok so you can pick it up. You should get the achievement when you pick it up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if only the host of the campaign would be able to get this achievement. Who was the host in your playthrough?