Achievements not unlocking or tracking

Since the update on Wednesday, none of my achievements are popping or tracking. I don’t old school of 08 yesterday. Popped for all other players but myself and I’ve been playing a lot of versus and it seems like nothing is tracking what so ever. Still 0% on all even though I’ve got double, triples etc. I’ve tried deleting saves, hard resetting my Xbox. Nothing seems to be working. It’s just this game as I tested a few others last night and achievements popped fine. Anyone encountered this problem or know what else to do? Many thanks

stopped working for me too. I actually was able to get one of the new ones, then the game stopped tracking all of the other ones i have.
as far as i am aware. there is no fix. this has been a problem with the versus achievements in this game for quite some time. still no fix. we’ll see though.
i highly doubt that this will get resolved. which kind of defeats the purpose of releasing a new update with more achievements. when this is a known problem.

If you start getting “Bigelowe” or “0x80190190” when searching for a public match, then all the achievements related to public matches that you have not yet met the requirements for will become Discontinued for you.

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