Achievements needs be fixed

Coalition please fix socialite & sybarite achievement cause it’s isn’t fair some players,
That’s all I asked from you guys I hope you
Fix this problem

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TC have said the dont want to try and fix previous issues with epic games just incase the add more issues and break the games

Which kinda sucks for newer players getting into gears.:sleepy:

It is unfortunate but if you (not you but “you”) are solely playing games, even Gears just for or because of cheveos, then you are doing something wrong.

I like getting Gears cheveos but if I don’t get certain ones, who really cares ? Much rather have a good KD or wins record :+1::ok_hand:

Also @D4RKBlade50, hello :raised_hand:

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Pretty sure stats haven’t tracked properly for a while now, couldnt even tell u my w/l or kd. ( if i could be bothered to look)

Future content perhaps?
Thats why they dont talk about it😶

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