Achievements for Gears 5 not unlocking properly (Main thread)

So I just beat Gears 5 on Experienced (Don’t know why they got rid of the old difficulty names but whatever) and have not received the achievement for beating the campaign. When I look at my achievement list it says I’m 73% of the way done. But when I look at the individual acts/chapters it says I have them all completed on Experienced difficulty. Anyone know why this is?


I’m pretty sure they will have a fix regarding all the problems they had, but they fixed the collectable problem with them not showing up in the menu. It’s just a matter of time, all the focus right now to me is appeared to be on the disconnections.

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For some reason I’ve lost all of my act 3 collectibles, I picked up a couple, but none show up.

Finished the game and it hung after the end credits, progress tracking for completion achievement is stuck. I’ve also had issues unlocking the achievement for a multi-hijack kill one.

Yeah. But it’s really disappointing considering that they had the tech test for the sole purpose to make sure their servers were ready on launch. Apparently TC didn’t really prepare themselves for it despite having held the tech test.


Legit just beat the campaign but it says I only have 13% of the campaign acts done. How is that even possible?

I already passed the game and it just says I’ve done only a 33% of the campaign plus it doesnt count the collectables I took in it. I dont know whats going on.

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Same here, I’m stuck at 86% on the completion achievement, and many of my collectables have disappeared, it’s really bad for glitches while playing too, for example Del and JD standing in doors so I cannot get through. They said they had resolved the achievement and collectables issue, apparently not.

I lost all my collectibles from act 3 and even 12hrs after completing the campaign a second time, the relevant achievement has not unlocked.

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It’s stopped counting collectibles for me in the menu and achievement tracking. I didn’t get an achievement for my rank placements either. This whole game has been a disaster. It’s fun when you can play it, but nothing works.

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Same for me. Just went back to the last Act to get the final Ultimate upgrade for Jack: no achievement.

It’s currently at 28% while I have ALL of them.

I also didn’t get an achievement for finishing the game and missed many others as well.

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Same here. Completed campaign and only got 80% completion. I also noticed the game had problems auto saving and frequently lost connection to TC servers despite having a wired fiber optic connection( @TC_Octus). My detailed connection test on xbox says anywhere from 756-856mb/s down and 23-32ms ping. I wonder if the game depends on an Internet connection to track properly. Its really sad and disappointing how bad the quality is for a game that just launched. Also for a game that got so much hype and advertising. They even brought back Trent Reznor to score their most recent trailer w/ Head Like a Hole. Guess there is nothing to do but patiently await the inevitable 12-20Gb update coming soon, adding to the already 55Gb game. Smh TC, it’s 2019 for Christ’s sake, PULL IT TOGETHER.

I’ve just beat campaign and horde wave 50 I never got achievements for it either

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Make that another one for the list 61% completed apparently. Disappointed

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Same here says only 67% completion after finishing the campaign and watching the 15 minutes end credits

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I just beat the game on insane and didn’t get the achievement for beating the game. It also says I finished the second act on intermediate. I know dang well I didn’t die all them time for no reason :frowning:

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I just completed Gears 5 on Intermediate mode & did not get my achievement for beating all acts and the game. I tried playing from the last checkpoint a few times and still did not get the achievement it says I’m at 80% for the achievement. It says though that I beat all chapters for all the acts in the game on intermediate mode, can anyone please help me?

Same, I went back and replayed those chapters but sill no achievements and im stuck at 81%

Same beat the game in insane mode never got the achievement and got all the collectibles and nothing

Do we have to re-do the campaign to get all our achievements/collectables or will they automatically appear? This is ridiculous… Typical early release bugs

I have multiple achievements done on gears of war 4 that are not carrying over to gears of war 5 WHY ?