Achievements for 2v5 KOTH

I donno, maybe an extra percent for the rank for every cap, haha…

Seriously, next time someone complaints about “stacked teams” I’m going to laugh in their face…


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This is why I don’t play with randoms. Also, even though you didn’t mention it, those pings are way too high for a stable environment on this game. I am aware that the player base isn’t large but there’s no excuse for every match to be this way.

Did you guys make it close?

Edit: Just noticed you had 2 AFK on top of a quitter. Wow, unreal.

Edit 2: Why is there two players with the same gamer tag? Glitch I assume?

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The two afk stsrted moving, late,came close, but we were about 15s short :wink:

This gave us few seconds, buy we didn’t make it to the last next in time.

How we finished. I was happy with my performance, but how can I ever hope to rank up, lol, with quitting/afk randoms :wink:

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Had something similar in Escalation and KotH today. Don’t know how we can win in a 3v5.

Funny thing is that the enemy team we faced was the same one I played in the last match, and we beat them.