Achievements Effects On Matches

Just want to point out an issue with having these weapon specific achievements in matchmaking. While all other GOW titles allowed these to be obtained in private matches vs bots. I believe the thought process to allow these to be unlocked in private vs bots is to protect the integrity of the game and not change how players play to get these achievements. One example would be players camping power weapons, staying hid not contributing to the match and the team.

Just a thought because it drives me crazy when somebody stays at retro the whole match on Checkout trying to get three kills in a row without a death.

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They probably do this so they can keep people playing the game. If they allowed bots, then people would be done with the achievements in a day or two and then good bye GOW 4. But then again for the achievement, that’ll be good because once they pick it up, just kill them and pick up the weapon and you’ll have that particular achievements rather quickly.


But it’s also a major reason I recommend playing with a stack. Between the possibility of selfish play and quitters there’s just no room to play solo anymore.

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There may have been a time when solo players thrived (going by the amount of VS threads I have read about going solo) but I think these weapon achievements reinforce teaming up with other players and makes playing solo nearly impossible.

Oh, some of us still thrive…

I got all my weapon achievements in vs AI, I just need 3 longshot supers and a couple more double kills with the boomshot/dropshot & I got all mine, I advise vs AI for a day or two to knock them out

I wish more players would do this other than camp in Core.

Only requires 2 supers. I took advantage of the most recent OSOK and managed to get mine, even though I had a few more (5 or 6) that looked like supers, but got counted as oscar mikes.

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