Achievements Bug

Does anyone have this same problem?

I already found all the collectibles in the campaign.

However, I do not skip the achievement and in the same page of statistics, they still appear that I have 2 more to join, can someone help me ???

Thank you!!

Im “missing” 3, but i collected the all per the war journal. Achievements dont agree.


I would help you, but I don’t see any pictures or get what you’re saying by “2 more to join.” Try uploading a picture or embedding one using a code like this:

![The Coalition](

The Coalition

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Okay, I have already uploaded the image. I have all the collectibles but it has not given me the achievement and as in the picture it still tells me that I am missing 2.

Ok I see it now 50/50 good work!
Is it in your recent achievements or your profile achievements? Notifications sometimes don’t pop-up

How long has it been doing this? Sometimes they will unlock a few days later.

Did you try a hard reset yet? Hard resetting is a power cycle for your Xbox. Do you know how to do that?

I have several months like that, I already do all those procedures.

the achievement still appears blocked to 96%.

and on the page it appears that I’m missing 2 collectables :sob:

Wow! That’s a long time.
Have you tried removing your account and then adding it back?

yes, and nothing worked :frowning: :frowning:
any solution?

Maybe switch to a different Xbox OS after you join the Xbox Insiders HUB to see if it will unlock since it’s some software problem, then switch back to the Xbox Public OS once it’s unlocked or choose to stay in what preview ring you chose. I’m testing the alpha OS versions in right now before they get released to the beta, delta or omega then finally the public. I can’t join the alpha skip ahead though I don’t have a XB1X

NEVER go xbox insider unless you want some stupid bugs or are learning OS stuff and testing new features.

There is an official(public build) xbox update that is about 350MB ,go system then click updates and click the check button(check what’s new)and a new update will show up.

Just got the update todays but these instructions^ are from the top of my head and afaik they should be accurate.

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I get it.

I think my problem is not from xbox

it must be from the game, since on the same page

“war diary” says that I have 48 found

but later on another tab it appears 50 of 50.

I think that…

I’m sorry my English is not so good and I’m using a translator. :frowning: :frowning:

Well you’re too late telling that I’ve been in it for 2 years and 9 months now.

That translate tech stuff will probably get into a web browser soon so everyone doesn’t have to translate it manually. But thanks for translating your post and comments, a lot of people don’t do that like you.

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