Achievements are evil

Whoever invented achievements is on par with whoever invented cigarettes.

-Video game addiction
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ( DSM–5 ).

*I wonder if the Gamerscore record holder is closer to being an athlete or a paraplegic.

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Duly noted.

Now let’s see what game I can tackle next to add to my 94475 G.

“For the G.”

I said it on Left 4 Dead 1 Expert at the Pier, “For the G”.

I said it on Halo 3 The Flood on Legendary, “For the G.”

I said it on CoD: MW’s Mile High Club, “For the G.”

I said it on Ninja Gaiden II, in general, “For the G.”

I said it on Alan Wake Nightmare, “For the G.”

There’s countless others. Games with hours of repetitive grinding, including Gears (Seriously 2.0…). But what is there if not G to be attained?

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Fun, provided by solid gameplay and friends for starters.

Achievements give the game(s) tons of replay value IMO

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Let me ask you a question.
Why do I feel happier and experience a higher intake of fun at the job, compared to, grinding towards achievements?
I’m not talking about gaming for gaming because, that is a lot of fun to me. Like the feeling of saying: Next! In your head whenever you unlock an achievement. No rewarding feeling of achievement, nothing.

Do they? In my mind, once an achievement has been achieved I don’t bother with the game much anymore unless it’s multiplayer.

I remember as a kid playing pre-achievement consoles that I’d make up my own achievements and challenges, like on Golden Eye (N64) completing missions on the hardest setting with 100% accuracy etc.

Nowadays with achievements I don’t do that anymore.

Or maybe the years haven’t been kind to my creativity…?

@T0NY_HAYABUSA Yes they do to an extent.

@Bleeding_Pepper I know what you mean, the only single player games I played relentlessly after all achievements have been Resident Evil (primarily 5) and Batman: Arkham games.

New features give the game(s) superior replay value, achievements are a cheap trick and I can’t wrap my head around you ‘‘white knighting’’ them.

What it does, is it forces you to play a certain way in order to achieve the achievement. Logically, a terrible idea for multiplayer at least.

*Aimed at Tony Hayabusa, my bad.

And that’s your opinion . To each their own. I beat a game and I say NEXT! and I’ll play another one. Rage 2, I beat that in 10 hours. If it wasn’t for achievements, I would’ve stopped playing it but thanks to achievements, I put an extra 20 hours into it.

Mile high club on vet. Now that was an achievement that I was satisfied when it popped after countless hours of fun doing.
Well worth the G


It depends on how they’re implemented, some developers have better sense when designing them than others.

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I only go out of my way for achievements if they present an interesting challenge.

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I don’t pay attention to achievements. Waste of time for me.


Which was why I was against adding the achievements towards the end. Artificially creating replay value in a game with little effort.

As opposed to actually adding replay value to a game by creating good content. I’d rather have 1000G of achievements that are fun to go for than 4000G of grindy achievements *cough Gears 4 *cough.

Ready for 5000G in Gears 5.


True that.


Don’t worry, you ain’t missing ■■■■.

Yeah but then again, I feel like that game had reasonable achievements, compared to most Gears entries.

Oh, I thought I had the answers Sway, we’re still in a forum right? You should thank your addiction to achievements instead, for that extra 20. I’ve soldiered through countless ■■■■■■ games for the G myself. I stand by it, it’s just a lazy and cheap way to hook people. 20 hours extra is nothing compared to what Gears is asking for their completion, that’s mostly my point.

This ^

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How though? It’s just points added to your gamerscore which does nothing to affect the game or it’s features, it’s honestly pointless.

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I think it’s an overall terrible idea, it seems like Nintendo is the only platform that doesn’t give a damn about the achievements/trophy thing like Microsoft or Sony does.

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I like trying to earn achievements and I think multiplayer achievements should cease to exist unless they can be done with two controllers in a private match.

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Don’t underestimate the power and pull of Cheveos and Trophies now. No way I would see either MS or Sony sacking them off, there would be an uproar. I think they were a genius idea. People like to collect, goes back to school with football stickers and the Red and Blue Star Wars cards, I have just outed myself as old :wink:

There is a certain section of the gaming public that will play games almost purely for the ping sound and little badge. I like the tile art more than the actual “award” look at UE’s ones, they are wonderful. Some companies do not give a toss though .

Be interested to see if 5 ends up with 4000 gamerscore or even more this time.