Achievement tracking?

Does anyone know a way where I can find out how to track an achievement like Master at Arms, where you have to get 50 kills with each weapon in public versus, I checked the War Journal and all have over 50 kills but I’m guessing that’s across all modes. I was just wondering if there was a way where I can find out. Also, the I’ve Killed Things, Seen Places, how to check what maps I have done and what ones that I haven’t done. Any help guys?


As per your request, kindly check the link below:



Thank you so much!


This is another good website that I found on TrueAchievements. I like it because it also tells you which maps you’re missing for Tour de Force which I wish existed during my struggle to figure it out.

*it may be listed in that thread but I’m not sure. I know it’s not in the first post though.


Very helpful, thank you!

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My achievement tracker wasn’t working for Horde, did you have any success?

Nope, the tracker was 0 but the achievement pop up though, and claim your reward was clickable.

Ah ok, thanks for reply :+1: