Achievement tracking progress issue survey

I see, sounds like the typical cloud syncing cycle to me. To be frank, the current trend of the industry has me thinking we’re lucky the achievements track somewhat. I thought that they wouldn’t track any progress whatsoever until the issue was patched.


From the survey results, it seems consistent that the progress percentage was at one point incorrectly increased for the kills, assists and damage achievements or your stats (such as versus kills for example) were reduced, either way there is now a discrepancy between the two so progress will not increase by 1% or more until you get back to that level.

For “Nothin’ But Bits!” you can see this in the game stats screen (Menu, Stats, Versus, wait for it to show kills top left).

Take your “Nothin’ But Bits!” percentage amount (34%) and add 1, remove the % and multiply by 1,000 (35* 1,000 = 35,000) and that’s how many kills your in-game stat for kills needs to be before you see a 1% progress increase on the achievement*.

*Note: If it doesn’t update when you return to the main menu, then quite the game completely and load it back up, sign into Gears 5, wait for your character on the main menu to load, then wait another 30 seconds and check your achievement progress now to see if it’s increased.

You should also keep a track of the % amount (e.g. 35%) as relying on seeing the lighter white increase doesn’t always work and you might not realise you went up 1%.

I’d recommend not switching between consoles until you know your telemetry data has been recorded by Xbox Network for Gears 5 (ideally you see progress increase but depends if you did enough for 1%).

I would also recommend a restart of Gears 5 when you’re done for the day, so instead of shutting off the console and putting it into quick resume (on Xbox) for Gears 5, instead quit the game, load it up, log into the game as your profile from the start screen, wait until your character appears on screen, the tour and squad menus have loaded.

Then quit the game, turn off the xbox and go to bed or outside, or whatever else you were going to do. Or switch to your other console if you are for some reason using two back and forth.


Edit: My kills in-game are 26.781 (26%), but the tracker shows 50%

So this means that if I eventually keep trying going for those achievements sooner or later they will catch up and after that finally I’ll see my % going up? (Playing only on Series X and doing the steps for assuring sync)

I don’t want to buy Xbox gold for nothing.

But I know that most of my versus achievements progress got a x2 when I logged first time on Series X, so reaching the real % will be slow.

Long as your Versus kills in the stats are going up then when it reaches the level you’ll see progress for the kills achievements at least.

You’ll have to use this as a rough gauge for the damage and assists (although these could be much more) as we can’t see those two stats.

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Thanks for the answer :+1:

I’ll try next time to get 51.000 kills and see if the tracker shows 51%

I keep trying for Covering fire and today my tracker went from 27% to 42%

Nice to finally see some progress :slight_smile:

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It’d be nice to be able to see the amount of assists you’ve done in stats but that’s good nonetheless.

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Edit: The other 2 achievements went up too. Nothing but bits went up 1% (51%) and Absolute damage went up 6% (45%)

Edit 2: I supposed that getting a higher % was a one time only, but now I have to catch my last % for my new % (54 vs 70%)

Yesterday I had 58 or 54% for Covering Fire.

Today I turn on Series X and I have 70%

I just hope that finally my tracker is up to date


My longer Vs achievements each ticked up 1% today, first update on them since April 5. Nothing But Bits went to 42%, though my Vs kills stat is only 28,814. Absolute Carnage to 32% and Covering Fire to 27%.

I got some “jumps” on the tracker for Nothin’ but bits, Covering fire and the other about damage (forgot the name), but now that Nothin’ matches my real versus kills, I got them no more