Achievement tracking progress issue survey

So there are two ways to see how many kills you have and they’re both probably flawed…

Oh right. That’s why I wrote “update” (survey completed), my issues are currently with the Versus achievements (as said in this thread). The rest is OK or already unlocked.

Can anyone confirm/deny that experienced ironman ranks higher than Inconceivable in terms of campaign?
( If not this might be what is glitching me.)

I played it on experienced ironman solo then went back and beat the game on inconceivable in co-op.

Confirmed. My highest in-game listing is my Ironman campaign, not my Inconceivable run



Please load up Gears with the update and login, probably run a match of something as well, then quit to menu and quit the game, then start it back up and load back into the main menu.

Hopefully it will be good news for some of you. Let us know if not.

Those still having tracking issues on the Kills/Assists/Damage etc. hopefully can be improved next.


Yeah unlocj thx TC

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I Am Going See Its Asking For Update

Thank you. It worked for me. Started the game, connected to service and it popped.


I Got The Achievement Too I Am So Happy


Can confirm mine popped at the menu! :+1:


Steam version. My progress has changed 99% from 98%. What to do next?

did everyone except me get the achievement?


Your progress has increased by 1% presumably from just downloading the update which infers that the problem has been fixed, and you’re probably missing something from the list of things to do.

I logged on this morning on my series s and noticed all achievements were tracking again with progress…

I can post full screenshots of all statistics.
All my conditions are met.
If only we knew what conditions were not met…

Hello. Do we have an ETA on the kills/assists/damage fix? I did a session today for the assists and the tracker didn’t show any progress. Thanks.

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Mine hasn’t shown progress in like 18 months. It’s been bugged at whatever % it’s always been. I would make a conscious effort to grind those final Vs achievements if they actually tracked…until then I’ll remain at 177/181 achievements complete.

Damn, that sucks. I still got a long way to go with the characters, but it is disappointing.

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Update: After several days where I had my hands full with work, uni and other games, I came back today and several achievements are now showing huge progress on their trackers. Hopefully they’ll continue tracking!

Doubtful. I’ve had this a few times where if the console is unplugged, or has not power going to it whatsoever, for a at least 2 hours then there is a high chance your achievements will update to their correct progress.

As I said it’s not guaranteed every time and it’s highly unlikely that your achievements will now track normally.

It’s embarrassing for TC that these issues still occur.