Achievement tracking progress issue survey

Hi all, I’m looking to collect some user feedback on this issue to help with resolving it, please if you could spare a few moments to complete the form if you are having an achievement tracking progress issue with Seriously 2.0 - Chapter 2, or any of the Damage, Kills, Elims, Power, or similar achievements.

This form is only for Gears 5 achievements, I am aware of issues with Tactics achievements tracking for some players too, one step at a time.

This is for directly affected Players/Gamertags, please don’t reply on behalf of someone else.

Thank you for your assistance.


  • It may also help to log a ticket at as well if you have not done so previously for achievement issues.
  • Double-check your progress in Campaign, Classes, Horde Maps and Hives for Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 2
  • TA website % progress on achievements is cached and does not update unless you unlock an achievement (in that game - TBC), otherwise scans do not pickup changes to achievement progress %.
  • If you have completed a Horde Map or Hive, hoping for progress to increase or it to be the one missing but Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 2 has not unlocked, remember you will probably have to exit to the main menu, quit the game (not suspend), and start it up (seeing the Coalition logo etc.) and login to the main menu, once your character has loaded, it’s possible for missing achievements to unlock at this point.


1st Feb 2022

Patch released to help with Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 1/2/The Centaur Set, etc. achievements relying on XP (CXP too) amounts to unlock were not correctly unlocking.

Some now have Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 2 they were missing, others have increased from 98% to 99% but it still remains locked, work is continuing as well as tracking issues for Versus/PvE Kills/Assist/Damage etc. Achievements.

20th Apr 2022

From the survey results, it seems consistent that the progress percentage was at one point incorrectly increased for the kills, assists and damage achievements or your stats (such as versus kills for example) were reduced, either way there is now a discrepancy between the two so progress will not increase by 1% or more until you get back to that level.

For “Nothin’ But Bits!” you can see this in the game stats screen (Menu, Stats, Versus, wait for it to show kills top left).

Take your “Nothin’ But Bits!” percentage amount (34%) and add 1, remove the % and multiply by 1,000 (35* 1,000 = 35,000) and that’s how many kills your in-game stat for kills needs to be before you see a 1% progress increase on the achievement*.

*Note: If it doesn’t update when you return to the main menu, then quite the game completely and load it back up, sign into Gears 5, wait for your character on the main menu to load, then wait another 30 seconds and check your achievement progress now to see if it’s increased.

You should also keep a track of the % amount (e.g. 35%) as relying on seeing the lighter white increase doesn’t always work and you might not realise you went up 1%.

I’d recommend not switching between consoles until you know your telemetry data has been recorded by Xbox Network for Gears 5 (ideally you see progress increase but depends if you did enough for 1%).

I would also recommend a restart of Gears 5 when you’re done for the day, so instead of shutting off the console and putting it into quick resume (on Xbox) for Gears 5, instead quit the game, load it up, log into the game as your profile from the start screen, wait until your character appears on screen, the tour and squad menus have loaded.

Then quit the game, turn off the xbox and go to bed or outside, or whatever else you were going to do. Or switch to your other console if you are for some reason using two back and forth.


If these issues are fixed, will the work that we did in the time period it wasn’t being tracked will be added on?

I suspect that will largely depend on what the root cause of the problem is and how it’s fixed, and probably won’t know for sure until after they’re fixed and you notice for yourself unfortunately.

Completed and thanks for this. Hopefully I will get my final 4 versus achievements to “un-bug” so I can actually have some motivation to actually go for them and 100% the game once and for all.

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Do you want feedback if we were having tracking issues and were persistent (and lucky) enough to overcome the tracking issues?


Probably not in the form, but you are welcome to elaborate here or via DM to me if you prefer and I’ll include it alongside.

I Just Filled It Out For My Problem


I had written what I did in detail in a thread here. Can’t find it for some reason. Guess I’ll have to try to find my notes and retype it all.

Done. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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Edit: I don’t have any problem to be contacted, but I don’t use Discord or Reddit, and I have a Twitter account but I don’t use it. I’ll write my Twitter account anyways, I just hope that TC doesn’t need to contact me.

Edit 2: The Centaur set is in the list, so I’ll delete my quote and the rest that I wrote.

I’m probably in the minority as someone who doesn’t have tracking issues with Gears 5. However, I can understand how frustrating it is as I suffer from it regularly on Gears Tactics.

Is it a survey we can update? I’m currently playing the Campaign on Inconceivable (3-4) and will be Re-Up 50 very soon. I don’t think I have an issue for Seriously 5.2… For now.

I didn’t know Tactics was infected too. Guess I’ll wait before I restart the game.

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Some parts of the tracking for Tactics were broken but may be working now. It’s inconsistent. I’d finished everything except the kills and 2 class specific achievements and I was able to finish all of that a couple of weeks ago. You might be able to as well, but you’d need to test it.

This is very helpful. I hope the information you can collect will help solve the issues. :slight_smile:

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The problems were intermittent. The single task achievements were fine, but the ones which involved multiple tasks (e.g.: get 10,000 kills) were affected. For me these achievements stopped tracking for a while but were eventually fixed.

One achievement where I had to get all other 10 (?) JACKED Mode achievements was bugged and didn’t track despite me having unlocked them all. In the end I had to “redo” them to work out which one unlocked but didn’t count toward the bigger achievement.

That sounds like a PITA. And essentially what I had to do for Seriously 5.2. Did you finish everything then?

I think I got lucky with my Tactics run. I’d finished everything except for 4 achievements a while back, but just didn’t feel like going through the campaign again. I was missing the 10k kills, Seriously (tied to the kills), and the 2 Scout achievements. I finally sat down and did them a couple of weeks ago when it was reported in early December that things were tracking again. I think I got lucky, because a lot of people were saying their kills weren’t counting properly. No clue if it works now.

My GOW5 Seriously achievements (both parts 1 and 2) were fine. I’ve got a few friends who are stuck on 99% though.

With Tactics, I think everything has cleared up now so I was able to unlock all of the achievements I was going for, but some of my progress for the 10,000 kills achievement wasn’t backdated. So there was a period of about 3-4 weeks where I was playing the game alot, but none of the kills I got counted. I’ve since dropped Tactics now. I’m not an avid achievement whore, and it feels like alot of work just for one achievement (I’m at 50% completion for the 10,000 kills one and have already done 3 playthroughs - I don’t really want to do another 3!) I might eventually go back to do an Ironman run. I think from all of my playthroughs I’ve developed a good understanding of how to optimise classes etc, so an Ironman run on a lower difficulty should be pretty easy.

This issue has been an absolute pain in the derrière since the release of Operation 8. I don’t really want to repeat myself so here are my related posts from this thread:

Congratulations, this is officially the 10th time I have linked this thread (not including the above individual posts).

Anyway, I’ll fill out this form. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in time for my final Versus kills/assists achievements :unamused:.


So looks like my detailed post got deleted, guess I put it in one of the OP 8 Known Issues threads and then someone “cleaned up” the thread. And since I overcame the tracking issues months ago, my detailed notes are now gone. But here’s what I remember:

Before Seriously 5.2 details released:

  • Reached re-up 50, level 100 (before X curve reduction)
  • Completed Inconceivable campaign
  • Mastered all Escape Hives (shortly after Ironman mutator removed)
  • Got all but 4 classes to 20 (just in case there’d be an achievement and it wouldn’t be retroactive)

After details released, but before OP 8:

  • Made a list of which Horde maps I was missing Mastering in regular, frenzy, and both
  • Started working on Mastering maps on the list

In first days of OP 8:

  • Finished the four Characters to have all at level 20
  • Continued working on Mastering remaining and the new (OP 8, Drop 1) maps in regular and frenzy

Once requirement for Mastering in regular and frenzy confirmed by others to not need both, that Jingle Juvies does count, that the OP 8, Drop 2 maps not needed, and that each map counts 1% towards Seriously 5.2

  • Counted remaining maps that I did not have Mastered in either mode, determined that something was wrong as I should have only been about 5% from done, but was only around 82% complete
  • Finished remaining maps in Jingle Juvies and percentage did not go up even as much as the remaining maps should have increased it.
  • Started pondering a theory I had that while maps did not need to be done in both, that they needed to be done in the same mode, but noticed maps I completed in Jingle Juvies appears to count as regular mode on stats pages.
  • Went back to my list of maps as it was just before OP 8 dropped, and started redoing all maps missing from either mode in Jingle Juvies, percentage went up slightly, but still was not tracking right, as I finished going through the missing maps and didn’t unlock.
  • Started redoing again, by this time, was completing a map, going back to main menu, then dashboard, force closing Gears 5, restarting console, and relaunching Gears 5 to see if percent would change, marking off only after percent went up after said reboot process. Note, since some of the maps had already counted in previous OP 8 runs, I always had more maps on my list than what I actually needed.
  • Finally got the last 1%/last map to unlock Seriously 5.2 after doing Wave 20 only of Jingle Juvies on 17 different maps in a single session. No clue which map was last one missing as it didn’t unlock until doing a system reboot.

It was a painful process, but each time I went through the list, I was marking 1-2 off until I got to about 98%, then it was slower. I think I went through the list two or three more times before it finally unlocked. I finally overcame the tracking issues on August 10, 2021. Glad to see TC is finally looking into the tracking issues. And yes, I am a little salty on this subject. Been trying to get TC to acknowledge the issue for over 5 months before someone decided to look into it and not that we’re all incompetent.


Hopefully They Will Fix Seriously 5.0 Part 2 My Is Stuck At 99%