Achievement Tracker

Tracker for Absolute Carnage and Covering Fire stuck @ 96% and 54% please fix it!

They have been like it for months if not longer, mine didn’t go up a single % for several months even though I play almost daily. Have moved a bit now, ( and stopped again!) but I should have had them unlocked months ago.:+1:

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Ok thx good to know

Should you wish to read more:

Those 4 versus achievements have been stuck for me for the past year. Preventing me from 100% this game. I stopped caring at this point.

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Best way to be mate, I mean they mean feck-all outside of Xbox. :+1:


This is an answer for Seriously part 2, but I can assume that they are looking to fix every achievement

I’m just beginning to boost the Covering Fire achievement and it is stuck at 38% I’m playing Private, Competitive and Quickplay at the same time. Hope it’s get fixed, but I wouldn’t have high expectations from The Coalition: it has been like this since their introduction.

Note to The Coalition: if you don’t want to waste time on fixing such achievements, don’t create them. It will save us time too.

Thankfully mine have been tracking fine. I completed the 100 million damage achievement last night. I have three left and not bothering with them. Assist achievements and 100,000 kills. Not worth the effort.