Achievement Tracker and Apply skin to all Weapons

So i asked about both during the stream but got answer to only one of them.

Achievement Tracker - Simple thing like in Gears 3 and Gears Judgement where you opened up the War Journal and there was an Achievement tab. However in Gears 3 with the horde achievements or the execution achievement it told you which maps you had completed or which weapon executions you’ve done. This would be vital for Gears 4 especially with the get 50 kills with each weapon achievement. Depending on how Gears 5 is set up the same thing applies.

I got a response from Dana on stream about this and he said “We are looking into something like that” or that worded in some other way.

Apply skin to all Weapons - Another small thing that was in Gears of War Judgement that made it to where if you had a weapon skin such as gold on multiple weapons or all of them you could simply go to say the Hammerburst Gold skin and press start to “Apply skin to all” and this would apply the Gold skin to every weapon you have the skin for. I feel like that would make skin application in the Customization menu easier than going weapon by weapon combing through all your skins.

These are obviously two minor things that would be a large help to some players and yes i am well aware Gears 4 is not in its best state right now and other things are priorities over this and since Gears 5 is in the making Development for Gears 4 will likely start to be going down as it gets further to the launch of Gears 5. So if not in out current game maybe these will be in the next Gears game.


Yeah these would both be welcome additions!

Also streamlining the organisation of your cards would be nice too (assuming Gears 5 has a similar system)
For example, having a “delete all duplicates” button rather than having to go searching through all of your horde skills for duplicates on maxed-out skills.

Definitely want apply to all skins.

That way, you can cycle through multiple sets in one go :+1: