Achievement The Centaur Set - GEARS 5 Glitched

Hello everyone,

I play Gears 5 on Xbox Series and PC, and I’m with 5 classes (Anchor, Gunner, Pilot, Veteran, Brawler) at level 20, but the achievement was 99%, can someone help me? Do you know what I can do to unlock it? Since then none of these characters gain more XP, so there is no way to level them up.

Thank you all!

It never used to be like this… Back on the 360, achievements were unlocked and tracked via local hardware and not XBL/The Cloud. Unfortunately, now with games that are constantly checking in with a server, achievements can get stuck in limbo.

Here’s a few things you can try… assuming you are on console…

Restart the game
Hard reset your console
Log into Gears 5 with a different profile, then log back in with yours

I have unlocked achievements in Gears 5 that I wasn’t tracking and had no idea that I unlocked them until I lost power and turned my xbox back on, then launched the game. I am greeted with the achievement pop once the game connects to the servers.

Also, many of the achievements in this game are a little buggy and there are minor quirks to them that aren’t included in their descriptions, there are likely other members of the forum who may know of something similar for this particular achievement.


Hmm… Seems like lots of GOW achievements are glitched and not working properly. Lots of people had problems with the Seriously 5.0 part 2 one, it would be stuck at 99% and they couldn’t work out what was wrong (despite all tasks being done).

My GOW5 versus achievements like “Nothin’ But Pieces”; “Covering Fire” and “Absolute Carnage” has been frozen and hasn’t increased at all in the last month or so. And I’m extremely confident that I’ve done enough to gain a percentage increase in at least one of those in that time!

Some of us also had problems recently with some of the Gears: Tactics achievements too.

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I tried hard reset the console and loading my profile again, but it didn’t work, I tried to erase the data saved in the console too, but as the online data is stored separate from the console, I imagine I have to erase everything to work.

Thanks for the reply, I will try to wait for the Coalition to fix.

exactly same issue on me. the centaur set and serious 5.2.

stuck 97% and 99%

they need to fix it hurry…

Mine is stuck too. I play on both pc and xx depending on what im doing. Switching systems and rebooting both has given me no luck in popping these cheevos.

I had a similar problem in the achievement Now We Understand Each Other with the Overload map, I did it 2 times and it was at 66 %, I repeated it one more time and it popped.

The tip is that for some friends this happened too, make the Overload map more than once.

Edit: I submited a ticket only because is what I have to do, not waiting for a real answer. If for some reason I got an answer that fix the problem, I’ll post here

Edit 2: I played Gears on Xbox (I’m playing on PC) and I unlocked 2 achievements (Eyes on Target and Make 'em Bleed)

Still Centaur set at 97%. I played with every Tank class on escape on master and nothing happened

Today I leveled up Pilot and Veteran at lvl 20, now I have every tank class at lvl 20.

Tracker shows 97% and I restarted the game and nothing happened.

I’m not wasting my time trying to unlock the rest of the achievements. I’m pretty sure that if Centaur set doesn’t unlock, then Seriously will get the same problem.

Thanks TC for this Xmas gift :confused:

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Just seems weird that some people have no issues unlocking/tracking achvs yet others seem to have major problems.

Whats worse this developer wont even comment on it, quite frankly shameful on their behalf.

Good way to treat they paying customers.

See the source image

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I think this is the only game where we get no info and left in limbo. Only one to my knowledge and guess what it just drives even more people away. I miss the times we had a community manager checking in like TC Shauny, because things got done and we were listened to.

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I can accept that achievements have problems with tracking/unlocking, some games has this problems too.

The real problem is what you wrote. Worse is that TC isn’t a small studio