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Achievement Rant

Oh I didn’t know they’d removed it, that’s good news! Not that I’m actually going to do anything about it haha


When it comes to achievements, Gears is all about grinding and with every iteration of the game, the grinding gets worst or more, depending on your perspective.

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I have 155/164 can’t unlock the last 9 (secret story related achievements) because I played on the PC the first time as an achievement hunter it’s left me quite bitter about the game. Especially as they’re now starting to shut down support for GOW4 to go for GOW5. easily replayed that campaign 8+ times for various achievements and the only ones i can’t get are dumb 5g ones that should have unlocked ages ago.

well rip my thread about gears 4 they all got purged.

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I’ve re-upped twice just trying to get wins and wingman saves. Only have 5