Achievement Rant

Honestly I hope they do not go overboard with the achievements in 5 like they did in 4. I managed to get Seriously 4 before they added the new difficulty and loads of achievements. 164 is beyond a sensible amount, especially when you create ones like the the butt crack achievement, which 99% of people boosted for I assume. And the fact that all of the new achievements have less than 5% unlocked really shows how unsuccessful the addition turned out. TC, imo, does not have a good sense of making achievements.

Achievements linked to progress, completing difficulties, discovering hidden items(if applicable), and consecutive/lifetime earnings are all acceptable. However, anything regarding having to rely on other people solely for the achievements always ends up being a dumpster fire.

-Having to win the 25 matches of 2v2 Gnasher was miserable, Just have us play the matches or reduce the wins.

-Butt Crack is the worst idea for an achievement I have ever seen, The worst.

-Longshot Supers are damn near impossible, and then you make us get 2 of them.

-Ribbons like Charge and Not Today practically have to be boosted for, everyone who has it that I know has boosted for it.

-Everyone having to pull the horn is silly when you make 5 people do it and there is a delay between when you can pull it. And it’s a secret so there’s no chance you ever find it on accident.

-Ironman is a bad idea to begin with, but pitifully executed for Campaign. Restarting the entire campaign because someone lags into a tree on the terrible motorcycle part is not OK. Really, really, not OK. I cannot express how bad this is.

-Pick Me Up is ridiculous especially when it is one of many achievements that do not register properly when completed, and has taken weeks to register for many people. Don’t use the most common weapons in the game? Why?

-Do not build forts on insane, do not spend power on insane, and play as 5 soldiers on a specific map??? I do not know why achievements would be made that require you to play contrary to the entire system that horde is built around. That’s like saying, “play chess but you can only use your pawns”. Playing as delta is silly as well, and it’s another achievement that doesn’t register correctly for everyone.

-The Masterys are cumulative so no big gripe (except Longshot) but the requirements are too large when it involves the Hammerburst, for example, that is not on every map.

-Similarly, Master at Arms should not have required heavy weapons since you get the Salvo on only TWO maps. That is unbelievable even when trying to do it in casual vs AI. And on top of that there is no real way to track it besides using an online tracker.

-Deadly Resourceful. That’s all.

I know they are arbitrary and worth nothing but I felt compelled to get them(which is my fault), and that ate a good portion of my life for a short time. I felt miserable doing it and have nothing of any real value to show for it. And on top of that I literally cannot get the achievements linked to the omen weapon skins. Tough luck for me I suppose until they make them craftable or whatever. Absolutely unacceptable.

50 achievements is enough for any game, and you certainly do not need to be adding more years after release. Also, secret achievements should be story based, as to say they should be secret only for the purpose of not spoiling an element of the game. How am I supposed to know to use Minh on Security and push the laser button? Or have everyone pull out the pistol when the round ends??? I have no idea what kind of nonsense that is.

To finish, it is my fault for going for the achievements and these are my opinions, I fully understand that. I will not be going for the achievements in 5 and have never gone for them in any other gears game and had a much more enjoyable experience. I hope for the achievement hunters sake they do not torture people with their achievements again.

I won’t even be pre-ording 5 after getting so upset at what they did to 4. I really stood by this game until I went through this. Now I do not feel that enjoyment when playing it anymore so I do not play much.

I’m interested to hear what others have to say about the achievements in this game. Criticism is OK, just keep it civil.


I agree based off only reading the first sentence


If you’re all about easy achievements go back and play Avatar or TMNT. You aren’t entitled to unlock every achievement.


I can bet you there will be silly achievements based on grinding again. We will probably see 4000 GS again or maybe even 5000GS. Don’t be surprised if you see Incon. difficulty arrive again after you beat insane or beat the campaign on Insane using only the boltok or whatever. I for one, welcome achievements because it gives me replay value. I could care less who says otherwise like some people do here. To each their own.


I agree with when you have to rely on others to get an achievement is kinda dumb and the butt crack achievement is a joke. I also agree that nothing says you have to get them all either. I wouldn’t have even gotten the long shot mastery achievement if it wasn’t for the osok Easter event. So they do give you opportunities to gain the achievements you just have to keep an eye out for your chance

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I get what your saying but achievement help keep the game alive after horde, campaigns 3 times and brutal versus.

For me it gave me some goals. I have 163 out of 164. guess what one i do not have…Butt crack. yeah that one sucks.

Yeah i had a very tough time on the last ribbon for 4.0 and chest candy. I have mixed feelings to what your are saying i agree a lot, but i have say these past few months after playing the game over a year has helped me. in fact i went back and play campaign gears one and now gears 2 to get achievements.

to be far i only play gears so with out other games it keeps me in in even if they are hard or silly.


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The Butt crack achievement was tedious but doable, I have the gameplay clips to prove my betrayal use of teammates for the achievement.

I didn’t have any difficulty getting achievements, so I can’t really relate. But I agree there’s too much Horde-specific achievements. I only have 50 waves to do on 4 more maps then I’ve got Seriously 4.0. I haven’t done it due to time constraints, and due to the fact when I’m online I spend most of the time on Versus since Horde 3.0 is just so boring.


I dont mind silly achievements. I just hope they stay away from ones like Ironman campaign or ones you need to rely on other people for


Don’t worry bro, I got ya if they rely on those other people that need to help out…within reason that is


I only partially agree. I love getting achievements, they can give me 500 achievements for gears 5 if they want, all the more progression to keep working towards. But some of the achievements are annoying. Like the specific kills with certain weapons like you mentioned, should just be get a certain amount of kills with each weapon instead. I don’t mind the horde ones they’re fine. In fact I’m pretty much fine with almost every added achievement barring a few because if you play over and over and over again you will eventually get them. Those are the achievements that I like.

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I don’t mind having so many Achievements. They gave like 4,000 Gamer score, even if I only got around 3,500~.

What I do mind is boring, difficult Achievements.

Inconceivable Campaign and Lancer only in Act 1, I would’ve bothered if Campaign was interesting.

All Ribbons seemed difficult now, since Escalation thrown into the mix. I didn’t play since launch and didn’t get to take part in non-legit way of boosting these rare Ribbons through Ranked match on far server.

Butt Crack seemed ridiculously hard. Entirely dependent on other three players, your team mate and two opponents.

25 matches of winning 2 vs 2 was simply boring and sat at 0% completely. This should’ve been retroactive and I would’ve unlocked it already.

But either way, I’m gonna try completing more of the game when it comes to Gears 5. To try getting every Achievement this time around. I haven’t managed to 100% complete a single Gears game except 1,900/2,000 from Gears 3 and missing Seriously 3.0.


Which is why I mentioned that it was my fault in going for them and that achievements based on difficulty are fine. Try to not strawman your opponents arguments, it does not reflect well on you.

Insane and Incon campaign are fine. I also have every achievement in Rogue Legacy, Dante’s Inferno, Modern Warfare 1,2,&3, Dark Souls 1,2,&3, and Left 4 dead 1&2(including Nothing Special, which, at least for a long time, was the least gotten achievement in all of Xbox). Difficulty is not the issue, it is absurdity.

Making the butt crack achievement is absurd since 99% of the kills are gibs and there’t no chance for it. How often are people downed in that mode anyway? I had to sacrifice my teammate as @GB6_Kazuya did to get it. It should have been “kill the enemy that killed your teammate within 5 seconds 10 times”

And who honestly got the horn secret achievement by accident? The logic seems backwards on many of them.

I also agree that achievements in general are fine, just do not like that many of them have such strange requirements. I do expect to see the large number of achievements and all of what you said come back. I just will not be going for them this time, if I do even get 5. I agree, to each their own.

I came back too late to know that that event even happened. Seems like an easier way to get it so I am glad they at least did that. Although maybe it should have been a temporary challenge or something and not an achievement that people have to get by normal means. Either way I suppose.

Fair enough. As stated before I do not mind the fact that achievements exist. I think they are a way to extend the life of the game and encourage people to play in different ways or try the higher difficulties and can be used as bragging rights if nothing else.

I had a problem with a good number of achievements in this game but relative to the total amount most of them were fine. It was a blessing to have coop vs AI or I never would have gone for all of the achievements since I am primarily a Horde player.

Thanks for the input everyone. This is in fact a rant, and I am half upset at the devs and half upset at myself for being compelled to go for them. I certainly will not be going nuts for achievements again; I learned my lesson.


You should have seen the original before the outcry on the forums. It was 10 supers required before they reduced it to 2 due to the backlash. They tried to argue with everyone at first about it too.

I agree some of the achievements are insane. But I don’t think they’re supposed to be designed to give all players a reasonable shot at attaining them.

Like others have said, no one is making you get all the achievements. And I imagine most people don’t consider a 100% completion of a game to be 100% enjoyment or 100% mastery of.

I didn’t care about them at all until recently when I realized how close I was to seriously 4.0 without even trying for it. So I’ll wrap that up before gears 5 and be perfectly content with my 70% GOW 4 completion or whatever it’ll be.

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I hate iron Man with a passion. As if the dumb ai wasn’t bad enough you’ll be lucky if you didn’t get a bunch of enemies aggroing you all at the same time. I got as far as the grind lift segment before dying because I got meleed by one than tagged by another.

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I am all for varied achievements, which to be honest Gears has kinda lacked since the beginning. In the previous games, something like half the achievements were earned by just beating campaign on Insane. At least now with another mode like Escape, we have things like ‘Beat a hive without firing a bullet’ so that’s at least something different. Does rely on others though.

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Best way to get butt crack is to communicate with your teammate. Get one guy out and stand at a distance away from one shot range pick your teammate up have him run away and go after the remaining guy together. I got it as a bronze two with help from a friend and I helped two friends get the achievement.

EDIT: meant to reply to reddoogs888 comment.

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I had no problem getting the butt crack achievement. Whats so hard about it

It relies on your teammate getting downed, which is quite difficult in comp tuning because the Shotgun is that weak, so most people go for the gib, hence you cant revive your teammate.

If you are solo queuing this achievement, this will also depend on how good the enemy team is, and how good your teammate is. Normally waiting for your teammate to go down, then killing the person who downed your teammate, is going to ruffle a few feathers.

I played about 40 matches of 2v2 Gnashers to get my 25 wins achievement, and in that I only got 1 towards the achievement. Yes, I was trying to win rather than get the achievement, but that proves that you have to specifically go for it, rather than something you can get done over time. On my average it would’ve took 400 games to get it, and I doubt 99.9% of people will play that many games.

And when you add it to the list of other achievements that were released at this time, it doesn’t read well. I’d prefer more specific achievements (ie. it takes one/ two times to do it), and more creative.

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I agree with quite a bit of this. I generally don’t mind grinding achievements (like seriously 2.0, which I didn’t love but didn’t hate) but achievements that are completely luck based and have no realistic way to happen without boosting…those, I hate. At least, in the multiplayer sense. Campaign whatever, I don’t mind playing the campaign in different ways each playthrough. Seriously 3.0 in GoW3 was the worst achievement I’ve ever seen, since it took a minimum of…I think it was 18,000 matches just to get the matches played per gametype component of it, let alone getting like 2000 kills with heavy weapons or whatever it was. That was a whole lot of nonsense. In GoW4, some of the ribbons are just insane, especially whatever the one you get in warzone/execution (one of which isn’t even a game type anymore) for reviving every single teammate within a round. Not even a match, a ROUND. That takes such an intersection of luck and right-place-right-time to capitalize on the absolutely 1 in a 1,000,000 chance that it comes up that I just think it’s stupid.

TBH, I don’t even know what most of the achievements are in this game. But I do know that Gears games have a history of having nonsense achievements and it is, in fact, annoying.

DIFFICULT achievements are fine. Grinding ones are mayyyybe ok. Random/luck is not fun.

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I think the ribbon for team revive in versus is NOT TODAY. It’s no longer required for the Chest Candy achievement (along with 2 more of the original 141 ribbons) but that was obviously not always the case. I think I’ve earned it by reviving my teammate in 2v2 but I agree it seems ridiculous in the context of a 5v5 game as when the game was originally launched.

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