Achievement progression stopped after last update?

Anybody else experienced this? The following three achievents are not progressing anymore for me:
-Absolute Carnage 57%
-Nothin but bits 73%
-Covering fire 56%
So i noticed it after playin a lot of Co-op vs AI, was only playin to down enemys and after a lot of Assits-points checked my achievos aaaaand nthing!!!

Achievements don’t always track at once, sometimes they require a console reset and other times you need a day or two for progress to show.

Its been now since a few days buddy, and before the Update every percentage counted and the progression bar of the achievement moved a bit forward. But now it stopped!! I m gonna grind the covering Fire achievement the next days. We ll See what Happens. :+1::grinning:

Just a few days ago my seriously achievement tracking went up only after a reset (a few hours after in game progress) and another campaign achievement popped up a day later.

Hopefully it’s just a little server hitch and tracking will resume.

Good luck hunting for them, I’m still unsure whether I’ll torture myself with those or not.

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