Achievement progress

Does anyone know if there’s a site where you can check your progress toward each achievement ?.
There was a site I used t use for Gears 4 that listed each achievement with how much you had completed and what you still had left to do in detail.


Edit: I undestand that the site that you used sound like it had a progress bar and some thing like a checklist of how many things you did/need to do for unlocking a specific achievement

Also an easy way to watch your progress is to use a recent version of the Xbox app. I don’t remember when they put back in it but it works again.


If you want specific, down to the kill/assist/map/etc. there does not exist such a tracker to my knowledge.

For percentage of completion. Xbox mobile app is your go to for just looking at the most recent progress on the go.

On console, open up the achievements in the xbox guide and you can see percentage of completion (Will show the same way as the app)

On pc, open up the gaming menu using windows key + G and open the achievements window if not already open. (Will show the same way as the app and Xbox)

Trueachievements is great for guides and additional statistics for achievements but I don’t suggest looking at your progress bars on that as they do not update concurrently with your progress like the Xbox app, console, or pc achievement trackers.

Edit: for something like mastering hives or hordes, you can use your gears stat page in game to determine what you have completed on master difficulty.

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To add on to what he said,

You can track how many kills you have towards the 25K, and 100K in game by going to
Stats - Versus - Top left “leaderboard” gives you the exact number.

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That explains why my Achievements for Nothin’ But Bits (64%), Covering Fire (64%) and Absolute Carnage (61%) stopped increasing over a month ago.

The game jammed synching with the server a while back it seems to have wrecked all my stats.
Thanks for all your replies.


:joy: joke of course.

Best to send a ticket.

Edit: U say 100k kills is at 64% but ur stats say 39038 kills which is less thatt 64% so it looks like the achievement is tracking but not the game stats.

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I double checked Online stats as well and the kills are the same.
Checking my other achievements I would say that none of the above have increased probably since April which is why I asked my original question.
I am definately not MVP very often or get the most kills that much but I do get solid numbers most of the time which is how I knew something was wrong.
I don’t believe the achievements are tracking and think I should be closer to 80% by now.
I have submitted a support ticket and really hope TC can help.

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Good luck.

Thank you.

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