Achievement progress broken

So I catched up on Gears Tactics again to complete the remaining achievements.

For the “I’ve done the whole mind control thing…” I had 12/15 and I was fairly certain I missed out on three Deviant variants so with the exception of the Deviant Kantus (since that one is ultra rare and apparently only exists in one mission) I hijacked them all but progress didn’t go up. Therefore I hijacked all of the normal variants as well (with the exception of the Kantus), yet I’m still stuck at 12/15.

Anyone know whether this achievement is bugged?

EDIT: My assumption is they broke with the March patch because I’ve done all progress when the Jacked mode released. I’ve also filtered my achievements to “Locked” ones only and as you can see, Seriously Jacked is stuck at 70% even if I only have one achievement left to get.

Linked Support Ticket: #65115

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A friend of mine just asked me about similar issues they’ve run into. Seriously Jacked is only Jacked mode achievement they have left, and tracking for other achievements appears to have stopped.

I’m wondering if these issues are connected to TC’s tracking issues in Gears 5 recently?

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Tracking for my achievements has definitely stopped also. It appears that achievements where I’m required to do multiple things like the hijacking, 10000 kills and ticker kills are all stopped.

However, single requirement achievements have still been unlocking.

Would definitely love to know the fix for this.


I’m having the same problem, no achievement progress being tracked. I’ve logged support tickets. Hopefully it’s fixed soon.