Achievement : Kinda Missed 'Em In A Weird Way

Hi, is there any “bug” with this achievement ? With a group of friend we made 3 times a full clean (25 Waves Juvies Insane) (50waves normal, Insane (we got the achievement of not using any energies but not this one when we had the 5 character and had no disconnection

Could anyone help me (I’m on PC and they are on Xbox) is this why ?

I remember having an issue with this one on release. After completing about 6 times, discovered one person in our party has the achievement already. Swapped him with someone without the achievement and it unlocked first go. Does anyone in your squad have the achievement?

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Sadly no, none of us had the achievements, we tryed with different skin swaping between theses but still not work

I hear there’s a bug, but no one really knows what causes it.

I’ve never experienced any problems with this when I got it, or when I helped friends get it.

Some people suggested that there are a couple of particular skin variants that may not work but no one has ever worked out which (if at all!)

I remember getting this with a combination of the Black Steel variants, E-Day Anya, and the Classic Delta ones.

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Well we finally got it, we just start at the waves 50 with the same skin than yesterday and we all 5 got it without problem :smiley: thank you !

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