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Hello there!

I am personally a massive achievement hunter and have had help from the community from some amazing people in my quests. I have all the (current) achievements for Gears 4 and now I want to give something back.

There was a thread back on the old Epic forums where people would help other community members through various achievements. I want to recreate that here.

Being an Aussie and on PC I am limited in ranked match achievements, but can help with Horde and Campaign based ones.

When posting on this thread can people please list what achievements they want help with, or are willing to help with. There is no obligation to help with achievements if you have been helped in this thread, but if you are willing it is appreciated.

Thank you.


Fellow Aussie on PC here, new to the game and down to help others as well as keen to get some cheevs.

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Anything particular you are after?

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Not in particular, but I haven’t yet had a chance to play the campaign (want to play in co op) so if someone needs a partner for that I’d be keen, otherwise I need many of them so I’m open to suggestions.

Not new to the series at all though so I won’t be too far behind lol

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I can do campaign with you. I have played it a lot so I recommend having you take the lead and I will assist, rather than ruin your experience by dashing through it. Casual to hardcore is quite easy, insane and inconcievable are a massive step up. I would recommend hardcore for a first run through. Both being Aussies lag shouldn’t be much of an issue which is a welcome change.

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haha my thoughts exactly on the lag.

Sounds good to me. I wouldn’t be too averse to playing on Insane, I did manage the first two games on it. Hardcore would probs be more fun tho fo sho.

Add me on XBL sometime, hmu when keen :slight_smile:

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Adding you now.

I should be relatively free the next two nights if that suits you (also glad I don’t have to work out timezones for this one).

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Sounds good man, accepted. I’ve got them mostly free as well. Probably would be fine to do it all in one go if you so desire too :+1:

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I will send you a message tonight when I am free, feel free to respond whenever :slight_smile:

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Great thread! Love this!!!

Just a heads up this belongs in the Wanna Play section of the Forum, and I will be moving there to be better supported.

Keep it up!


No worries. Actually met a few great community members out of this thread already.

Sorry I’m a versus player so no help there from me.
I’m don’t feel confident in myself to play campaign with some else.
But horde. Anyone needs help hit me up on Xbox and I’ll try my best.

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What variations and classes do you prefer?

Just mainly play pubs insane or inconceivable if I can be bothered ( its not much more xp or credits for a lot more hassle ).
I do try the 25 variants when they come out or if I don’t have much time to play

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