Achievement for 25k and 100k kills in versus?

This has done it for me.

I previously said I may no longer stick with this franchise but I’ve made the decision to NEVER play another Gears game.

As an achievement perfectionist I’ll get this done but I will NEVAR play another Gears game.


Gameplay won’t kill the game for you? But a achievement will? "F "a achievement. How is the update? Better? Worse? Smh “I don’t wanna play because of a achievement”. Do you hear yourself?


You are not in the perfectionist club so you don’t understand. I won’t ridicule you for that though.


They said that they felt the PvE players had been let down a little so they thought what we would love the most is being forced to play versus for the next two years if we are in the minority that is the achievement completionist


I probably can say the same for your pvp skills. So I’ll leave it at that.


I literally just signed into the game and instantly unlocked these achievements, i think you’re making a meal out of nothing to be honest.

I didn’t ridicule you for anything so I’m not sure where you’re getting that from.

What exactly does my or anyone elses PvP skills have to do with anything? Are we all supposed to be good at PvP?

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Completely agree. These new achievements are insane. I’ll get the ones I can, but doubt I’ll bother grinding every day (at a reasonable amount of kills a day, to keep my sanity) for the next 2-3 years.


You have the one for 25k and not 100k kills.

True, i unlocked a bunch, thought the 100k achievement was one of them. Even still, it’s probably not far off and it really isn’t in the end of the world.

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Sorry you took it that way. The whole “perfectionist” thing. Figured if your that type you’ll perfect your overall game.

Let’s say this maybe the complaints I’m seeing around here so far revolve around things that shouldn’t be. It’s a achievement grind. So far for the update TC deserves some credit. Everything looks good. Lots of work was done to keep us around. Even the coin is generous. All my characters were already unlocked but yet TC awarded extra coins 15k for the totem characters. Either that was a mishap ( maybe it was) or them being generous to award you coins on things you already unlocked. The overhaul looks good. Just maybe the forum’s are finally getting to me, nobody will ever be Happy here.

I honestly thought the 100k would of popped for me also. (Might of been dreaming to hard). Would be nice if there was a way to view those stats.

Just open the achievement guide on your console

Shows you what percentage you have


Thanks. I honestly didn’t think about that. Overall I still hoping for a more in-depth war journal so I can see precise stats.

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So what is the Fabricator one in Escape all about!?

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Curious myself, Haven’t gotten that far yet.

Also, the kills achievement would not be so bad if kills and eliminations in all modes such as escape and horde count.

Edit: Campaign too.


I’m hoping they change it to kills in all modes. 100,000 kills in versus alienates a lot of players


I have a whole 1% towards this achievement…I’m just a PVE and Campaign player…always was. That’s why Gears 1 and 3 are missing exactly one achievement for completion on my card.


The achievements are not even showing for me

Is it at least retroactive?