Achievement 2.0 chapter 2 bug?

where is my achievement !!! ???

May have to restart your game and xbox/PC. Thats what worked for me when I got the last map finished.

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Have you tried restarting your console? Posting the same pictures isn’t going to resolve this.

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i have restarted many times and still doesn’t work (

You have to redo all horde maps, could be 1 map has been checked mastered but didn’t registered (server issues).

Happened to me as well.

Someone also noted that if you finished an escape without surviving it did not count for them so they had to be in the raven during the results for it to count.

This is incorrect. I’ve helped a few friends clear Escape hives where they didn’t survive but it still counted and they eventually unlocked the achievement. You need to have been in the lobby at the start for it to count. If you join part way it apparently doesn’t (even if the host restarts from the podroom).


@GhostofDelta2 has been telling people to check your master horde map completions on the Gears 5 website and it will tell you which ones you’re missing. This has worked for multiple people.

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Misinformation around a gears title.

Never seen that before :sweat_smile:

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yes I tried, nothing has changed, and these images are different, I attached them as proof that I passed the company on the unbearable, I mastered all the hordes from 1-50 as well as from 1-12
plus escape mode
the only thing that I did not pass on the unbearable is an addition to the company, but in the achievement this was not mentioned

I had to redo horde maps multiple tines until they counted. A friend of mine is in the same boat still.

I finally got S5.2 to unlock when I re-did the horde maps (for the 3rd, 4th, or 5th time) that I was still missing when OP8 launched, all in one sitting. No clue which 2 maps I needed, and dunno if doing them all in one sitting helped, but it is possible.

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What is your achievement percentage at?
Have you checked the Gears 5 stats page online? Stats
Other than that I can only suggest replaying some Horde maps or Hives.

went to the site then again in the game did not help

Damn. Ive given all advice I can give at this point. Sorry this is happening.

Could be that TC has changed the requirements for Chapter 2 so that you actually have to have the last 2 unreleased maps? They updated the game a few days ago.

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Genuine possible solutions above.

All I can focus on is those “new” exclamation marks at your classes! Get rid of them! Drives me crazy!

I have mastered everything that can only be mastered, what kind of cards are we talking about? in the game there is nothing that I would not have mastered, the evidence is given above, many received the achievement without even passing from 1-50 and 1-12, but only after completing the 50th wave.

Did you ever solve this? I’m in the same boat too, I don’t even know where to begin if something for some reason didn’t register.

Mate is in the same situation not sure what could have been missed…he was host for all horde and escapes made. I got mine on getting all classes to 20 and he is now on 99% done every thing together. All the achievements are just a broken mess…