Account hacked, lost skins

Hi community.

My little cousin has had his account hacked, name changed and all of his skins on gears 4 deleted.

Its a long shot but by any chance is there any way to give him his Black Steel characters back?

I have been informed the main characters he has lost are the following:
Both BS Thrashball characters
BS savage Theron
BS Ben carmine

Its a bummer to think he’s earned these with his pocket money and had them taken away from him because of somebody else’s misbehaviour

His gamertag has been changed to :NovaHacked u

Any help would be much appreciated as he spends all his spare time on this game after school.

My appreciation and thanks in advance.

Will never happen. Not calling you a liar but how can TC/MS believe that the account was hacked?

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Its true they cant but you never know if you never ask.

Its a bummer if nothing can be done but at least we have tried :slight_smile:

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Skins are the least of your concern and The Coalition is not in any way responsible for this. You should be talking to MS directly about this, either the account is gone for good or you can fight to get it back. Either way you could be financially compromised, and some cosmetic skins shouldn’t be concerning you.

How was the account hacked? Did you have two-step authentication on it?

We have managed to secure his account back, there was not a 2 step process but there is one in place as of when we got the account back. There were no details on the account regarding debit cards etc so that info is save.

All items purchased were done so with gift cards and before the account was temp taken it was all spent anyways so all lucky in that aspect.

We are in talk with Microsoft as we speak to try and reset his gamertag and to inform them of the person who tried taking his account away from him.

We found out it was a recent player that was on his list that had taken his account temporarily but all is secure now, we are unaware of how he had access to said information but all is now secure.

I appreciate the responses i am receiving and we have taken all measures to make sure such things wont happen again.

I would like to make clear that i am in no way putting this on The Coalition, it was just a simple message asking if it was a possibility but i understand such things may not be coming our way.

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I’ll tag the devs in this message, but they don’t normally respond on here.

Best to DM and mention them on Twitter. The following are their Twitter handles:


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This is a Microsoft/Xbox concern

TC won’t do anything

Sorry best of luck

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