Account bugged?

Update: Power Cycle / hard reset to the rescue . Please ignore!

In Gears 4, I had to leave a competitive matching loading screen by dash boarding because I seemed to be “hung up” on that screen and I couldn’t back out.

Now, I can’t seem to get into ANY versus matches at all. I’ve been trying to get into a Coop Casual AI match for over 13 minutes now, when usually I’ve been connecting to those in a lot a minute.

@anon86589457, is there a way you can tell me if there is something wrong with my account on your end? Something definitely seems “off” after having to dashboard on that one screen I mentioned.

Or does anyone else have any suggestions I can try?


Check your xbox rep, if you’re in “avoid me” you’ll have longer queue times, if not, you might have been banned.

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Reputation no longer affects matchmaking. Microsoft made an announcement on that several months back.

And no, I don’t think your account is bugged. See this Tweet: