Accidental Purchase of Gog Gears Characters

I was trying to craft a Totem for the Cog Gears characters and somehow went from Craft to straight up purchase in a matter of less than a second. I would NEVER spend 500 Iron on something I can unlock by completing challenges. I’ve already Crafted and unlocked the Dee Bee Character and I only need to earn 13,343 XP to complete the Warden Totem to unlock that character. I figured I was so close that I might as well Craft the next one and before I knew it BAM 500 Iron gone and the Cog Gears were purchased. I want to earn them not buy them and I WANT MY IRON BACK! I’ve tried to locate how to create a ticket on the support site but that’s pointless, it doesn’t have a link or email address or any way I can see to talk directly to someone in support about anything let alone getting my iron refunded and the Characters locked again.
I wasn’t asked for anything before the purchase went through. I pressed the button to craft the Totem and then it told me characters were purchased and ready for use! Shouldn’t there be something in place like a “Are you sure” step before a purchase is made? I’ve been planning on saving my Iron for something worth buying eventually and to have 500 out of my 510 Iron suddenly disappear is horrible. I refuse to buy Iron so that is all earned through game play. Can anyone tell me how I might go by correcting this or at least contact someone in support about getting it corrected. You can simply check my profile to see the history especially with the Dee Bee & Warden Characters. Purchasing something should be harder than a button getting stuck! That’s the only way I can figure this happened, I play on the Xbox 1 if that matters.



Sorry to hear that. Yes it is a chore to get resolution. I had purchased the terminator pack of sarah connor and got billed 3 times for the same pack. I submitted a form and requested a refund and was denied days later. Their reason was that their policy doesn’t apply to digital purchases . I called them personally the next day and gave them some attitude over it and after a couple back and forth she they gave me my refund. My guess is call them and talk to them one on one. Best of luck!


For sure. Unless you want to capitalize on people’s mistakes. They had to know this could potentially lead to these situations. It’s apparent how much they care.

I’m pretty sure there was an “are you sure” prompt in GOW4 when buying stuff with credits. So yeah. I say they did this on purpose or at the very least was yet another thing overlooked in QA.

You have to hold down the A button to purchase anything with iron. How did you make this mistake.


Yeah it seems pretty clear to me the difference between purchasing and crafting. There was no way I would have made that error, or anyone who had been paying attention. It’s not like it’s just one button press. You have to hold the button down and watch as the buy meter fills up to complete your purchase. You just made a dumb mistake. So you think TC should have to take the time out of their busy schedule to look into your account that admittedly doesn’t buy anything with real money, refund your iron that you received for free, and remove the COG Gear from your inventory just because you screwed up? Now suck it up.


i did the same thing! I wanted to earn the Skeletal Kait and i ended up accidentally buying her!

Also the same for the second terminator pack…

I should really pay attention to which buttons I’m pressing on which option/screen :grimacing:

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

Either open up a ticket through the link above or try Twitter and hope to the lawd that they’ll respond to you there. I’ve still got a ticket up for almost 3weeks now because TC owes me 250iron from the hero banner challenges, but not a peep as of yet.

Good luck.

Sometimes I can’t remember buying things when I drink too much as well.