Accidental purchase in (Gears 5) Store

Anyway to refund and accidental purchase from the store. My cat (lol) jumped up onto my key board while i was checking the store and bought something i did not want. any help would be great


I suggest small claims court…btw what your cat buy that you don’t want anyway?

Can I interest you in 10,000 iron to make up for your losses?

Did the cat re-enter your password to confirm the purchase also?? C’mon…

…I’m guessing you should contact Microsoft and ask if you can be refunded.

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It’s to easy to use iron accidentally.
Right now you just have to plan whenever you are about to go to certain parts of the game.

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@Vassy175 lol nah man it was iron that I had already purchased which was then spent accidentally. I ain’t no con-man trying to get free stuff, it was just unfortunate and I was wondering if they had a return/refund option where I could undo it.

Good luck,TC doesn’t answer their support tickets. 3rd week now and still no response to my ticket about getting the Graffiti Gnasher.

Haha bro hook me up!!