Accessibility for the less fortunate

Hello, Its seem that ordinary people are taking advantage of the single stick control scheme that was catered to the less fortunate of people. Please remove this feature and re add king of the hill to versus AND MAKE GEARS GEARS AGAIN

You are losing to those people because they are better than you.


It has nothing to do with winning or losing, Its more to do with regular people exploiting a control scheme that was intended for people with physical discrepancies to give them access to the game, It has additional auto aim and bullet magnetism when manipulated

Whats stopping you from just doing what theyre doing.

Nothing but i hope there will be something to stop them in the future

As a colorblind person, I think people who arent colorblind shouldnt be allowed to use colorblind accessibility settings.

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Oft. Horrible word choice here. That’s discrimination, lad.

Obviously TC cannot simply remove this feature as people that need it would be left out. There’s also no way to differentiate who finds it essential and who doesn’t. To even try such a thing would be bizarre in itself.

I’m sorry you got your derrière handed to you on a platter. Adapt and get better at the game.

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I didnt even catch the “ordinary people” part lol

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I’m fully continent but I use a catheter out of choice during my long gaming sessions. Should I be banned from using catheters?

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I know people on here who have that loyal bucket. But this is new.

Such commitment.

Pfft! I’m not a feral animal you know!

Im not sure an [

Xbox Adaptive Controller


would help you

Depends. How easy is it to insert? What’s the maximum capacity? Is it easy to clean and reliable for hygiene? The last thing I need is a UTI.

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What?! This is news to me.

Only the people who abuse this control scheme would try to ridicule the topic, and if you would like to add me on xbl i can school you

Oooh! I’m shaking in my wee boots.

I haven’t had a deeply threatening 1v1 demand like this in some time. I must’ve really annoyed you. That’s good.

I’m also curious how you would ‘school’ me? By using single stick and pretending you aren’t?

Come on now, you can be honest. You’ve used it and it didn’t benefit you as much as you thought, so you used here as an outlet. As long as you feel better now, that’s the main thing.


Im not threatening anything, Its a response to the presumption that im bad or they are better cause it isnt true, Im confident in my skills without abusing singlestick

Letting your rage get the better of you and offering to ‘school’ me is a threat. I understand it’s in response to my accurate presumption, but it is a threat nonetheless.

Besides, I don’t have to try to ridicule this topic. In short it’s a request to remove an accessibility feature. That doesn’t look good for you.

Without single stick movement, my dog couldn’t play anymore.


You can take it as you like. I assure you from my side it was not ment to be threating but more corrective with proof. I not raged, you just seem very presumptuous. The less fortunate arnt likely to play this game on a competitive level, maybe only allow it for the story/campaign or make adjustments to lower the extra auto aim and bullet magnetism it grants