Accessibility: Camera Shake While Walking

Hi Devs,

Really appreciate the option to turn off camera shake. I, for the most part, no longer get ill playing. There’s still however, a source of camera shake that was overlooked: The shake when your character is walking. My wife cannot play because of it, :/. She’s fine looking at the screen while running as it’s super smooth now, so we know the option works otherwise. Just, you do a lot of walking, you know?

Is it possible to patch the game to remove that as well when the camera shake option to remove is on? It does say “… all sources of camera shake”.


Fantastic game otherwise!


Oh yes, please allow to disable the camera shake completely.
Played like 10 minutes and had to quit because it makes me sick.

Y’all must not have played the old games. Those were earthquake simulator😂

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I got sick the fist day turned off the camera shake. It still shake while walking! It doesn’t shake while running. Then I stop playing because I threw up again. Going to see if I can get a refund because this is unplayable for me.

Wait, since when was there shaking while you were walking?

I second this.
I start to feel sick after about an hour.

Would really appreciate even an unofficial patch to eliminate camera shake while walking in the campaign

This, please. I’m getting too old for all these shaking.

is there any update on this? and why disabling it in pvp isn’t allowed? a couple of friend I have get sick with this game, it seems is not that rare.

If you want a faster response, try twitter.

Also submit a request if you want:

It’s unlikely to happen dude. their colourblind settings are duff and despite acknowledging the issue. They have not touched or mentioned it since

. Their accesibility drive seem to just have been pr for the launch.

I disagree here. There are a lot of accessibility settings in the game already. This is the most accessible Gears game I’ve ever played. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. If we voice it strongly enough, they will strongly consider adding more of these types of features which is great because everybody deserves to enjoy this franchise.

Trouble for me is they have added a feature already. It just forgets the fact that they plastered big red filters over everything, defeating the setting for the most part.
Ryan has said he’d pass it on, I’m sure I saw a similar complaint with a “we’lll look into” as well.
Yet months and months later a simple filter colour change has not even been sniffed at.

For the most accessible gears ever they seem to have moved on from being dedicated to supporting the features they added.

As for Op’s case, I don’t see them looking into the issue.

It is really cool that the added all this one stick movement, blind reader, etc, etc options. Kudo’s to TC for this. ( I do sincerely mean this.)
But I don’t think that just leaving them untouched since shows much support.
These might be minor complaints not effecting thousands of people or anything, but the fixes require nearly no effort.

I mean they did add wall bounce cancel to both sticks instead of just one last week

That’s been there for quite a while.
I last mentioned it back on feb 24th and had read about it on here (and then tested it) sometime before that.
As I said though, Kudos to tc for what they have done, it is really good. They have actually updated something for the single stick back a few months ago. But these easy/simple fix ones seem to get put by the wayside,

I just symapthise with OP and if we look at the dates this was posted it is obivous it is not going to be addressed anytime soon.

This isn’t for the single stick. This is for dual sticks where a person has trouble with full range of motion for both sticks.

And yeah unless we make a lot of noise we won’t be heard.

Yeah that’s what I was talking about, It has been in there for months.
Can’t find the post that originally mentioned it but i had it on a list of issues back at the end of feb

Honestly mental that there is no option in 2022 to disable camera shake in PVP its awful.