Access to previous tour of duties

I’d buy the black blood red speaker.

I was never really into anything gears had to offer until recently.

I was too busy trying to have the highest legit ranked k/d rotting away in ranked. I’d say I achieved it with like a 2.54 k/d over 1,500 ranked matches played…

But now I don’t care about any of that. I realized that wasn’t the path I wanted. I just wanna enjoy the lore & not take the game serious anymore.

I’m no push over either but I’m not half as serious as I was.

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People spent hours getting this stuff and you just wanna be able to buy it?

Terrible idea it’s not enough for you the current store content??? And why you want some skins… At the end you only use them maximum a week and bye you change it for others

There was a glitch because I’m missing some rank banners from operation one when I got all the way to general . Not that I care so much for banners anyway but as a collector it annoys me I can’t get them even though I achieved the ranks

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Nooooo like you buy the tour and you have to play through it as normal

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I understand your points.Gears 5 players are few ,compared with many main stream games.I hope it can provide more channels to get previous or new items, not Just only get from the store weekly or the current tour.Make players have more choices in the game.

Feel u, the point is the fact that they’re making “some” of the content people had to grind hard for at the time easily purchasable at any moment. Like the desert armor & winter armor skins. They took the value of “time put in”and “being there at that time“ away :confused: Since they’re doing that my idea was to maintain the value of “time put in” vs “being there at that time”. idk I feel like there’s more value with “time put in” so if there going to get rid of the value at least have it be “time of play”, not both. This idea is to better what TC is doing already with the previous tour of duty content that was grinded for at that time like you’re saying…

Do you think they’ll ever put Hollow Storm Tai into the store for the people that couldn’t get him with being working away?

Watch the featured section of the store. He will probably appear sooner or later.

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